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Tipping the Fulcrum: Time and Focus

In any campaign, the most valuable resource you have is time. People think it is money, but you can always find some money or a way of working around problems. We have all been extremely creative, and this whole campaign is a testament that there is more than one way to run for office. For instance, it was the grassroots that made the campaign become really popular rather than the other way around, and this shows that we can be adaptable. This is great.

However, the thing we have to remember is that time is very short. Three or four months is barely any time at all, and there are many people who need to be made aware of the message, convinced of their doubts, and we must continue to expand this movement, especially off the internet.

The great strength of the grassroots movement, how flexible and adaptable it can be, also belies its greatest weakness: It is very difficult to get people focused on a long term strategy, as we have so many independent actors, and every group faces this. When you organize a group, and you try to do things with other groups, it becomes even more pronounced, but I sincerely believe this is exactly what we must do. We must focus ourselves so we pool our resources into where there is the greatest impact.

Leaving aside the national questions for one moment, the purpose today is to tell you how you can help orient your group and yourselves toward the greatest impact toward the national effort. Beyond the obvious things, like giving money and talking to others, you can place yourselves in a way where you amplify the message.

Do you know what a difference it made in people's minds when they heard all the applause for Ron Paul up in New Hampshire as opposed to how he was received in South Carolina. Every time our people cheered, another undecided voter was asking themselves, "What am I missing?" The difference is that people were there, and though they said nothing individually, and you didn't even see where they were, they put themselves in a position to make an impact. Media exposure is so crucial and they understood they needed to be heard.

You need to be able to do the same thing. When the campaign comes through, when there is a debate, pack the house. There are debates scheduled for September 17th in Fort Lauderdale, FL, September 27th in Baltimore, MD, (I believe) and October 9th in Dearbourn, MI. If you are near there, you should let your people know these events are coming as a minimum. Even better, plan a trip. It is easy to sell Dr. Paul, and you'll have a great time and serve a good purpose. If we appear to be everywhere, then we ARE everywhere.

Every group should have at least one person scanning the papers and looking ahead for events. It is by placing the assets you have in the right places at the right time that you make the difference. Desire is good, but insufficient without thinking about these things. One way to approach this is to think what would capture the attention of others in a beneficial way, and then try to put yourself in position to do this.

Every month, we have a planning committee that meets to talk about events coming ahead, and we make sure we are ready for those we need to attend. Of course, there are things we miss, but the preparation is a valuable tool, and I cannot begin to emphasize how much more you can do when you have a month to get ready as opposed to a week.

In the next installment, I'm going to jump from the very simple to something more complex, and talk about strategy on a grand level. Taking what I have been saying in these last few posts, I want to show everyone a way that we can use what we have, smartly, to the optimal impact in helping win this election. As I will always say, that is the goal that counts, and everything we do now, as important as it is, is just training for the winter ahead.

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phone number/mass mailings

Please, does anyone know is there a phone number people can call and learn more about Ron Paul and his message. I am sending out slim jims and a letter introducing Ron Paul and reference to economy, war, etc. I listed his campaign website and meetup but a huge majority of people are not connected to the web.
Many people comment I have seen his name but they have no clue who he is or his position on the issues. We really, really need a 800 number where people can call and get a prerecorded message or menu where they could press a number and Ron Paul tells how he would be able to abolish the IRS and other issues as well. It would be great if I had a number I could write in my letters for people who are not connected to the internet. I want to send these letters out but I am holding off until I find out if there is a number I don't know about.
I think the way to reach the masses is through the mail, bulk rate. A cd or dvd sent to every household in the country would let people be introduced to Dr. Paul at their own leisure without the pressure of supporters talking at them. Ron Paul has always been his own best salesman.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

1-800-Ron Paul

1-800 Ron Paul

A blog in spanish

Hi, I'm a libertarian Ron Paul follower from Spain. I've read someone asking for a blog in spanish here, and I wanted to leave my blog's link for those who have spanish as their first language:


If this is considered spam, I'm very sorry and you can of course delete my comment, I can assure you I just want to expand the revolution and help our man ;)

Thank you. I'll be around reading your blog.


Good luck with the match with Islandia.
Should be easy , but good luck anyway.

Thank you, but...

... as you can see, nothing is 'easy' when the spanish team is involved ;)

The Spanish language is great

Contrary to popular belief, I think Americans are open to all people. What American's don't like are certain groups trying to hijack our culture and changing what America is about. See President of Mexico

Our Constitution is written in English and that language is what binds all Americans together regardless of where they came from.

If I was in Spain, I would speak Spanish.

But a blog in Spanish is great -


I think its great to get out the news about Ron Paul in as many languages as possible- not just for those in other countries who might be curious about Ron Paul, but for AMERICANS who may not have English as their primary language.

Some Americans don't seem to realize that you can't just push a button and become fluent in English the day you come to the USA (most of the "English only" folks are probably monolingual). If you think its easy for an adult with little money to learn a foreign language, try it yourself- try learning a foreign language (e.g. spanish) without a tutor or expensive lessons- it isn't easy.

My grandmother came to the USA as an adult who spoke Ukrainian. She EVENTUALLY learned to speak English (again, there is no magic button to learn a new language), but never learned to read it. I suspect this is typical of many immigrants. For people like this, who speak English, but don't read it, a blog in their native language could prove very useful.

Its not that they don't want to speak English. They aren't speaking their native language to "insult Americans", they do it because its not easy for an adult to learn a new language. BTW, if you ever watch the spanish language cable stations (Univision, etc), you will see almost constant advertisements for English language tapes/lessons.

Anyway, I think its great to have online info on Ron Paul in ANY other language- Spanish, Ukrainian, Cantonese, whatever.



Thanks for your comment. I created the blog for those people in Spain or Latin America who want's to follow the Ron Paul Revolution, or even those in the USA who prefer to read in spanish for whatever reason.

Now, about your other comments, I'm not very enthusiastic about any form of nationalism, even that based of language. My libertarian views tell me that the in the ideal society any individual can express and live their lives in the language he prefers. The market neccessities would provide that most people would learn and speak the better language for their future (ie english in America, spanish in Spain, etc).

In fact, english is not the OFFICIAL language of the USA, regardless of the language in which the Constitution is written. In Spain, for example, spanish IS the official language, and I do not appreciate that. But my libertarian views can be a bit extreme sometimes ;)

Thank you again.

Sept 17

Will that be on TV ?

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Details for September 17

I don't know. It is before a large social conservative organization though, and most of the second-tier will be there. The frontrunners alienate these people at their own peril. Here's some detail.

Taken from
World Net Daily

What: The GOP Values Voters Presidential Debate

When: Sept. 17, 2007

Where: Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

We've heard the questions from talking snowmen. We've gotten the crumbs that fell from Chris Matthews. Now it's our turn. It's time the candidates answer questions from the largest voting block in America: the values voters. Yes, the values voters. Even with two-thirds (19 million) of the evangelical Christian eligible voters sitting on the bench in the last presidential election, we "values voters" still made up the largest voting block in the country. There's no debating that. Doesn't matter how fringe or extreme the media tries to portray us – according to the National Election Pool exit poll, in 2004 the evangelical vote constituted 36 percent (over a third) of Bush's voters – up 10 percent from 2000.

A letter of invitation was sent June 4 from national pro-family leaders, including Paul Weyrich of Free Congress, Phyllis Schlafly of Eagle Forum, Don Wildmon of the American Family Association, and Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily to both the Republican and Democrats running for president. While it seems everyone is clamoring for the same date, Sept. 17, the good news is that seven out of 10 of the Republican candidates have already confirmed their attendance to speak on that date to the most essential constituency: the values voters.

The O'reilly Factor

Interesting that Bill O'reilly said back in July that Ron Paul was one of the candidates that couldn't win and wouldn't be on his show. I think he included Hunter, Tancredo, Huckabee and a couple others. Only Mitt, Rudy, Thompson and McCain for him. But now............................drum roll please he has Ron Paul on his show.

Who's your daddy now Bill?