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Is Ron Paul REALLY A Racist?: Everything You Need To Combat The Rumors!

I'm usually a pretty calm guy, but this whole "Ron Paul is a racist" thing angers me like nothing else. It really makes my blood boil. I have ZERO respect for any human being who doesn't like/won't vote for Ron Paul because of the newsletters. I really can't take it when I see people spending more than 5 seconds talking about it - it just shows how desperate people are to discount him! I mean, a freaking newsletter from 20 years ago that he swears he didn't write but has taken full responsibility for? It's CLEARLY ridiculous to freak out over that. Now let's think of what calling RonPaul a racist really means, when taking into account his competition, his policies, and things he's actually said over the last few decades.

Mitt Romney is a flipflopper, who hasn't held a single view for more than 7 years or so ever since running for Senate in the 90s. A few years ago, he described his views as progressive. He is boring, uninspiring, and CLEARLY OWNED by rich Wall Street banksters and lobbyists. There's no question about that.

Newt Gingrich is also a flipflopper who is unstable and known to do/say random inappropriate things on a whim that totally destroy his credibility. He's been a lightning rod of controversy ever since becoming Speaker. He openly thinks he's God's gift to mankind. He's had more affairs than I can count. Three of his favorite Presidents are, in chronological order, Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and FDR. Three of the most liberal/progressive Presidents in our history. And unlike Romney he isn't owned by lobbyists... Gingrich IS one! He is the epitome of a Washington insider, and has proudly touted that fact in the recent past.

Now we get to Ron Paul. Ron Paul is a consistent politician - almost an oxymoron - and has been for the last 30 years. He's principled and all of his votes in Congress demonstrate that. Often times he votes literally alone in Congress if he feels like something is unconstitutional. He's been married to the same woman for 50 years. The vast, vast majority of his donations come from average Americans. Lobbyists know not to even bother coming to his office. And he returns a portion of his congressional salary to the treasury every single year. The opposite of a bought and sold Washington insider who has no principles and will do anything for some cash (aka, 99% of congress!).

BUT WAIT! 20 years ago, newsletters were published under his name that included comments that were unfavorable towards black people! Gasp! Who cares about all that stuff mentioned above. And who cares that his policies are the LEAST racist - like wanting to end the drug wars that disproportionately affect minorities... like wanting to end minimum wage laws that disproportionately harm minorities.... like not wanting to take away people's constitutional rights just because they have a foreign name or look different than we do!

No, forget about all that. A few decades ago, somebody else wrote newsletters that included questionable content in his name. Yeah, he's claimed full responsibility for them...Yeah, he's admitted that he was negligent... And yeah, if you actually LISTEN to anything he's said over the last 30 years he hasn't said anything racist..... HE'S CLEARLY AN AWFUL RACIST OF THE WORST KIND!

Yes people, this is what we're dealing with, and I personally can't f****ing stand it. It's mind numbingly sickening, at least to me, what great lengths people will go to in order to discredit him. A NEWSLETTER that he didn't even write from 20 years ago!!!!! That's so ridiculous to not vote for him or not support him because of that! Again, look at Mitt and Newt. Flip-flopping Washington insiders who are bought and paid for, and proud of it. Openly progressive and would do nothing to reduce the size of government.

But, Ron Paul was negligent 20 years ago, when he wasn't careful enough to monitor the content of a newsletter that circulated in his name... So despite his profoundly UNracist positions, and the fact that he hasn't actually SAID anything racist in the last 30 years, we should hold that against him.

It's disgusting. Ron has to combat this NOW. We're all tired of it and I imagine so is he.

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