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Could we get Ron Paul in a stadium with 20,000+ supporters?

Surely we could do it? Organize a massive rally! Just like the Rally for the Republic, surely such an event would:

- Raise money for the campaign from tickets
- Get great new footage for campaign & grassroots videos (just like we see the Rally for the Republic did!!)
- Get great media coverage (What other candidate could pull so many people?)

It'd have to be a closed in stadium because of the weather, but surely we could still have a roaring crowd!

I know it's more of a fantasy idea, but I don't think anyone here would doubt that this could easily happen but just requires SOMEONE to start the organization. The campaign is focused on important traditional campaign efforts (which are working!!).

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one in each State Capital

1 per week, the next 50 weeks.

Is it even possible?

Would be awesome!

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

If only I was in America, I'd

If only I was in America, I'd do all I could to make this happen :)