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Time to put this power to good use

We need to find out who wrote those articles and get them to talk about it. It's time for us to roll up our sleaves and do some hardcore investigative work. Somebody has to know something.

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Whether Ron knows or doesn't who has written, he, as a true gentelman, would never ask that somebody would volunteer with the confession, nor he would be willing to do research himself, nor he would consider that such information is relevant.

In this rotten world of GOP politics and hatred against RP, any moral rules and gentleman's code have been thrown away long time ago.

Ok. So, let's say, we will find individual who will confess (assuming this individual is still alive).

The question: whether such new confession would generate any goodwill from MSM? Do we believe that would stop the attacks? Maybe, but probably not.

With Ron being that clean, that is probably the only thing that they have got and it is just not wise to assume that the topic will be dropped.

The issue will be excacerbated by GOP, and, much later by Democrats and Obama.

RP needs to make strategic decision and stick to his guns, once the decision has been made. Seems to me he has already made this decision and his view well known to us, but not convincing to MSM and GOP zombies.

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Any body ever wonder if Ron Paul...

actually wrote the letters? I'm not saying he did, but I question everything. I don't think this is his stance, but I also know that there is latent racism in most of us, including me, so I know how easy it is to let those feelings creep out at times. Either way, I know Ron Paul is the black mans friend, and this is BS media propaganda.

My problem is how come we KNEW this attack was coming years ago, and yet there is no organic well crafted answer.? This only gives the media fuel. I don't know...Im just spitballing

It's now or never...time to hit the streets and spread the truth!

so I know how easy it is to

so I know how easy it is to let those feelings creep out at times.

That's just it - when has he ever let it creep out?