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I've got a GREAT idea! A game-changer for sure!

Next time RP is in a debate and is asked about Iran getting a nuke or how his foreign policy is so different than the other pukes on stage, he should say something like this...

"I get asked this a lot, and to be honest, it's hard to explain how flawed the last 50 years of U.S. foreign policy has been in only 60 seconds."

"But... one of my supporters made an excellent video that's only a few minutes long that will explain this to you. It's converted thousands of people to my cause already. I just ask you to go to youtube and type in 'I like Ron Paul except on foreign policy'. Again... go to youtube.com and type in 'I like Ron Paul except on foreign policy'. I like Ron Paul except on foreign policy. I like Ron Paul except on foreign policy."

And just repeat that until the bell rings.

#1 The video is a real eye-opener and a game-changer.

#2 It's a different kind of answer than people are expecting and it will peak their curiosity. They'll have to go look and see what it's about.

I know it's a strange way to answer a question in a debate, but that's why it will get people's attention. It might even get some media coverage... but I doubt it. Either way I think it's a good idea.

He could even use it when he's asked the same question in interviews on Faux News, CNN and the like.

Thumbs up if you agree.

And if you guys like the idea... figure out how to get it to the campaign please.

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I like it!

And reason #3

It reinforces the message that you can't re-educate and produce a paradigm shift in the viewpoint of millions of voters on a complex issue like foreign policy in 30 seconds.

It takes 13 minutes and 37 seconds. ;)

The Virtual Conspiracy

I wish he would say

"Google the Project for the New American Century and learn all you can about it. Look at how it's been intent on attacking Iran for the last decade, long before the nuke issue came up. Also consider the timing of this supposed nuclear 'threat'...notice how the charges against Iran coincide with their abandonment of the US dollar for oil trades? Read about the Iranian Oil Bourse."

"And why not study Iranian culture, too, and look at pictures of actual human beings in Iran before you decide to call for their murder. Educate yourselves- if your heart doesn't stop you from wanting to kill innocent people, maybe your brain will."


I think YOUR IDEA.........is GREAT

nothing more to say on that!!

I agree but... It won't help

It won't help. Why you ask? It's a great video, so why would it not be a good idea?. Well because we're already reaching the people that will actually go to the computer and youtube it. In other words, we're already reaching the youth, but we're not reaching the older demographics (in broad terms.

Will we reach the older demographic with a, "go youtube it"? No. That's why it won't help.

Just as a by thing about American foreign policy:
For me as a Swede it was an eyeopener to understand that a lot of Americans don't see it this way. It should be obvious. I remember just after 9/11 and I a journalist was talking to an American on the street and the American said, "They did this because we're free and prosperous" and I actually laughed... Thinkin: "Yea right, you go and sacrifice your own life just because some fat bastard can shop at Wallmart?, I didn't think so." I could never have guessed that that silly comment would be the "known truth".

I disagree that it won't help. People will go look.

Some will anyway. Just because people are on the internet doesn't mean that's where they get their politics news from. Plenty of people spend hours on FB, then go get their news from Fox.

I understand your point about it being obvious about our foreign policy, but really it's not. It should be, but most republicans have it beat into their head NON STOP in the media that Muslims hate us because of who they are and who we are. They talk on and on about how the Jihadists want to destroy America, kill the infidels and "wipe Israel off the map". (Plus we have short memories when it comes to this kind of stuff. We live in a consumer-driven bubble. We're not over there seeing the people die... and they will not show it on our news.)

Most Americans are too busy watching American Idol and buying $4 coffee at starbucks to question what is told them.

Brainwashing works. I should know. I was brainwashed myself at one time, until the War in Iraq turned up no WMD's. If people only hear and see one viewpoint constantly... it becomes their paradigm.

Saying this will reach ALL BABY BOOMERS

because ALL baby boomers are into the Internet.

However, I do agree it won't reach the baby boomer's parents. Many don't have computers and aren't interested in the Internet. So, there are other ways, though.

Try these:


especially of the trooper in the beginning of that wonderful you tube video clip & also the trooper walking in the graveyard, with a few things splashed in between & we can "educate" the older folks who vote

BILBOARDS in cities~~~

with "Have you had enough?" with "More money has been donated by our soldiers than all the Republicans put together AND Obama to RP"....."Now, do you believe our boys? They want to come home!"

Bilboards cost around $1,000 per month, depending on the city, but they are an extremely effective way to promote Ron Paul, because THOUSANDS OF CARS drive by these signs EACH & EVERY DAY!!

If I lived in a BIG city, I'd be getting our RP groups together to pool money into billboards at strategic locations!

Yes it could! Because this is

Yes it could!
Because this is new and it would make people curious the media would have to report on it. They would have to show some of it.

I respectfully disagree

My 65 year old parents will get on the internet and search something out if they are directed toward it. They, and others of all ages on the internet, must be directed to videos like this. The internet is a big place, and there are tons of places to visit. People tend to stay in their own internet bubble of just a few sites unless someone nudges them elsewhere. I think Dr. Paul would do well to nudge as many as possible to this video.


"A good End cannot sanctify evil Means; nor must we ever do Evil, that Good may come of it." -William Penn

considering that ron paul is

considering that ron paul is the "internet guy" I think that he should utilize this method more frequently.

This is a good idea.

Yes, good idea.

But I also want to second the notion that Dr. Paul ought to take the time to rattle off some of the principles he espouses and examples of how failure to follow his principles has gotten the US in the mess we're in financially as well as politically in the eyes of the muslim world.

Three good mentions of the video should do it.

I sent it to all on my email list and also downloaded it to my hard drive so I can show it to people on my laptop.

Freedom is the ability to do what you want to do.
Liberty is the ability to do what you ought to do.
"Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty." 2 Corinthians 3:17

Thumbs up for the idea BUT

I think repeating "I like Ron Paul except on foreign policy" like 20 times would come across really weird and to be honest quite scary. Once or twice after saying it the first time to clarify would make sense, but this is what it looks like when you repeat something far too much. Lol.



Is to say..

GOTO RonPaul2012.com and see the video explaining my position on Iran in detail.

Then the site should have the video on the front page or linked to it. Or have a videos page with the important stuff together.

The campaign did have the video linked on the front page for a little while and it was getting some great traction and attention, they removed it for whatever reason tho.


I really just meant that he needs to say it 2-3 times so people will remember it.

Maybe tell them about the video... mention how to find it... then talk about how our meddling comes back to haunt us and costs us trillions of dollars... then mention it again at the end.


Stupid idea?


Or are you all on the newsletter threads... beating a dead horse?

Racism slurs will not affect a republican candidate that much any way.

90% of the blacks in this country who vote will still vote for Obama. That's not going to change. The white people don't care. Sorry if you think that's racist... it's just TRUE.

The black people who are going to vote for RP will not change their vote because of some stupid newsletters that were not written by Paul anyway.

Thats actually

a pretty good idea. But instead of repeating " I like Ron Paul except on foreign policy. I like Ron Paul except on foreign policy" until the bell rings, use the remaining time to somewhat answer the question. Something like "I don't want to be the policemen of the world. We should only go to war when it is absolutely necessary and when we do, we get a declaration of war from congress, fight it and get it overwith"

I was thinking more like...

"We overthrew Iran's elected leader in 1953. They WERE a democracy. They took our hostages in retaliation.

We funded Saddam's rise to power in Iraq. He used that power to invade Kuwait. It took 2 wars to oust him from power.

To stop Saddam's invasion on Kuwait,we built a military base on Islamic holy land in Saudi Arabia. This is one of the reasons Bin Laden gave for the attacks on 9/11.

We funded Mubarak in Egypt. His people eventually overthrew him.

We propped up Gaddafi in Libya. His people eventually overthrew him.

All this meddling costs trillions of dollars, caused millions of deaths in the middle east and resulted in tens of thousands of dead American soldiers.

And you call my foreign policy "wacky"??


Bumping to get above all the racist newsletter comments...






The post about the negative story about RP's newsletters has been voted up 124 times... more than any story I've ever seen on the Daily Paul. In fact, the top 5 posts right now are all about the negative story of the newsletters.

We are gaining momentum folks, and if new people come here and all they see are posts about some "racist" newsletters, it might turn them off to RP, just when we're breaking through.

My post about something POSITIVE... a video that actually puts RP's foreign policy into context so that people can understand why he's not a kook for wanting to get out of the middle east... has 3 votes.

I'm not trying to toot my own horn here... just trying to get the word out about a video that's changing people's minds left and right.

If you think my idea is stupid...say so. Do something. Just stop beating the newsletter issue to death at the very least. It does nothing to help his campaign... only hurts.

The biggest problem most people have with RP is not that he didn't write some off color comments in a newsletter over 20 years ago... it's his foreign policy. This video changes people's minds on that issue. Even if you don't like my idea, vote it up so maybe some new people coming on the site will read something positive about Ron Paul... instead of all these posts about racism.

We all know RP's not a racist. Let it go. You're just playing into the opposition's hands.

Shameless self bump...

Just to keep it from getting buried by all the posts about the newsletters.

Stop dwelling on the negative and start getting out the word about the positives.

Like this video.