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Have you finished your Christmas shopping?

Christmas Day is just 3 days away & most retailers will be closed that day. Since caucus goers & whatever other states you're calling are probably not welcome/ warm to a Ron Paul phone call Christmas Eve/ Christmas Day at all, although they might be Jewish, lets just say you have 2 more days to make calls. I don't even know if the calls for Paul will shut down Christmas Eve/ Christmas Day, if only for appearance sake, although we could have Jewish callers who have no conflict with doing that. This is not to say you shouldn't call Christmas Eve/ Christmas Day, but you should consider what effect thats going to have. Christmas is, yes, a sacred holiday we still have left. It is supposed to be thought of the way it is thought of. Theres no time like Christmas Day to make your life better & electing Ron Paul does just that, immensely.
If you are in the middle of Christmas shopping right now & plan to do it now through the 24th, I suggesting stopping & calling for Paul, instead. It is of the utmost importance that the calls for Paul continue, immediately.
Retailers are silent about this, the news is silent about it, but Christmas or the 25th is the 1st day of the 12 days of Christmas. IT isn't just a song. It ends on Jan. 6th. So, Christmas doesn't have to be "celebrated" or Christmas presents don't have to be given until the 6th, it is quite timely to give them then & probably alot cheaper if bought on the day after Christmas or the 26th. You will even see on the calendar Little Christmas or Boxing Day. Why not make your phone calls now & continue w/ Christmas after the Iowa caucus. but then right back on track to New Hampshire.
Who needs to go shopping for Christmas when Ron Paul is the greatest Christmas present we have?
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