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One of the "racist" newsletters

This link is one of the newsletters cited for the racist comments: What it shows is words being taken out of context.


The comment "and they can be identified by the color
of their skin." is in the sixth paragraph from the end.

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Thanks for posting

Now I understand why Ron Paul does not come out and say sorry.

While I think this writer is very misinformed I don't think any of this is racist.

What the writer does not understand (but who did in 1993?) is that the agenda always was to play out different groups against each other to create the division that would lead the people to request more Government "solutions". The welfare state is just one of many of these tactics.

The writer describes the situation as he/she sees it at a time when there was a lot of hatred between different groups. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.

To call Ron Paul a racist because of letters like this would be laughable if he had actually written them. To say he is a racist because they featured in his newsletter just shows how desperate the elite is. Furthermore this was almost 20 years ago and times, sentiments, beliefs and "political correctness" have changed since then.

We are winning, I propose we all defend Ron Paul against these unfounded allegations. If we can get our friends to read this letter they will see how unfair the criticism is and every time one more person realizes this that's one more person who will not fall back into the media/elite propaganda trap again.