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"Ron Paul's Iowa Campaign is Ready to Deliver Victory!"

An excellent article about Ron Paul in The Iowa Republican.

Ron Paul's Iowa Campaign is Ready to Deliver Victory

"For anyone unsure that Ron Paul will place very high in the Iowa Caucus, Wednesday’s event in Bettendorf should erase all doubts. The event was a campaign tour de force in terms of crowd attendance, as well as organization.

One hour before the scheduled start time, more than 100 attendees were already waiting inside the Quad Cities Waterfront Convention Center. Shortly after the doors opened, the room filled to capacity. However, Ron Paul’s campaign was more than prepared for the enormous crowd."

(Read More at The Iowa Republican)

Although it emphasizes the efficiency of Ron Paul's ground game in Iowa, it acknowledges that it is his message that is resonating to a much larger audience. It also is lacking the hysterical tone and establishment fear-mongering of many recent news articles covering Ron Paul's rise in the polls.

Nice change. Give it a look.

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Makes me grin - he is finally getting heard!

And as the mass media attacks, never fear, folks just like me will wake up and get angry at the bias and actually do their own research....and they will end up with Dr. Ron Paul for President! No where else to go!

You guys in IOWA are doing a GREAT job!


A Veterans for Ron Paul rally in Des Moines next week?

THAT could be huge!

From the article:

"On each of the 260 seats (later expanded) were three items: a 30 page Ron Paul family cookbook, an invitation to a Veterans for Ron Paul rally in Des Moines next week, and a slickly produced palm card that explains Paul’s stances on the front, with a place to sign up as a volunteer or donate money on the back. It is this kind of forethought that is lacking from most of the presidential campaigns."

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Looking Good

It's looking good from my perspective.

Freedom, Prosperity and Peace

Great Article

Enjoyed reading it! ;)

I agree