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Video Update: Ron Paul Interview on Jerry Doyle 12/22/11

Ron Paul will be on Jerry Doyle today, at 4pm ET.


I beg people to stop listening to enemies like Rush, Sean, Mark and other soulless puppets and give Jerry your ears. This guy is on the money and if you live under a rock and don't know already he endorsed Ron a couple days ago. This man is smart, hilarious and passionate about calling attention to the state of things. If you really want to fight the dirtbags that do nothing but bash Ron and us supporters then stop listening to see what they will say next. Just turn them off for good and they will take a hit on ratings. Give Jerry the ratings that Rush and the rest of the war mongers don't deserve.

Listen to the show live here. Email Jerry Doyle here and call into the show 1-800-876-4123 to show your support.

The cost of a membership to listen live and have access to all of the archives is a measly 3 dollars for 3 whole months. Jerry has 3.75 million listeners already so let's make that base grow to overtake the evil war mongers currently dominating the airwaves. Even if we listen to them just to hear what they are saying we are giving them undeserved ratings. Give your time to someone that actually deserves it. Ron will be on at 5:15 ET. I am providing a link to make it even easier than it already is. These guys are hilarious and it's actually a good time listening. Unlike the real comic genius of Rush with his fake Ron Paul ad. 3 Dollars people! Thank you!


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great interview.

great interview.

On the other video

where Jerry Doyle thanked the Daily Paul, he mentioned that his Twitter jumped from 3,100 to 3,500 and Facebook from 3,600 to 4,900.

Current numbers:
Twitter - 3,565 (15% increase)
Facebook - 5,467 (52% increase)


"You guys are on your game"

He is genuine whereas many talk show hosts are "water boys"

So many talk show hosts are just agenda pushers for the repubs or the dems. Fake from their head to their toes

Thought it was a little strange for Ron to say

he's going home at Christmas to~~~bike ride? The good doctor blew that one! I mean, LOL, he should have said he's going home to be with his family!! It's Christmas, isn't it?

Christx on wheels!

That's one of the things that sets him apart.
He tells it like it is rather than what would help him...
...He could be telling a story about a kid named Horace he went to school with that was bullied with enough sincerity and details to cause his audience to be empathetic with the victim. Then when a tearful listener asks him if he helped the bullied child he might say:
"well...back then I was only 13..."
"...but I do recall punching Horace in the belly one time".

So what was it??

So what was it??

Ron's response to newsletter question

I would love to see this type of response:

"I take full responsibility since the newsletter was under my name. I was practicing medicine at the time and someone else wrote something I do not approve of, but under my watch my newsletter put words on pieces of paper and those words may offend some people. I take responsibility for the mismanagement as it resulted in hurting some people's feelings, which is serious business.

But, it happens to the best of us. For example, under the management of Barack Obama the ATF smuggled American guns to Mexican drug cartels which resulted in the direct deaths of dozens of people. His mismanagement resulted in people dying.

So those are two sides of the same coin: would you say Obama's mismanagement that resulted in death was worse than mine which resulted in hurt feelings? Would you say his mismanagement disqualifies him from the Presidency? Does mine?"

If they keep pushing, keep bringing up examples:

"Since this is obviously a slow news day, did you know:

Under Bernanke and Obama's management the Fed gave $16T of loans to foreign banks, and it wasn't until I led the charge to audit them that we found out. They wanted to keep it secret. This was tax payer money!

That example of mismanagement cost the American people $16T. That's a hot lead! Go report on that!"

If they keep pushing:

"Another hot lead on a slow news day:

Did you know that Barack Obama is about to sign a bill into law that would make legal the indefinite military detention of American citizens at the whim of the President, with no right to trial?

That's another hot lead. You missed that story because you were following Herman Cain's sex life and 20 year old newsletters.

If I was an American voter I'd be more concerned with the repeal of the Bill of Rights. Hot lead, go report on that!"

Thanks for the link!

I got to hear it live in Germany thanks to the supplied link!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

good stuff

like this all positive stuff.





And then ride his bike!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

I called my two talk radio stations a little while ago.

At the bigger one, I could only leave a message. At the smaller one, though, when I mentioned that it would be nice to add Jerry Doyle to their line-up, he seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say, asked me a few pertinent questions.

I think this is a terrific way to thank Jerry, and even if the stations seem disinterested at first, we know what can happen when enough of us call...:)

I am really impressed with Jerry Doyle

I have him streaming live every day for 3 hours now. I hope that shows up as a listener! (also cool that he is on the same time as shammity!!)
He is almost giving Ron Paul a 3 hour commercial every day!! Kind of like the 30 minute commercial on Jay Leno.

Formerly rprevolutionist

I just missed it! Link?

I just missed it! Link? Anyone?

Ooo you're quick

Ooo you're quick

Anybody with a YouTube link?

Anybody with a YouTube link?

juan maldonado

Great call by that Pete guy.

He told my story in his right there. Awesome.

hahah, that was great


"We KNOW Nancy Pelosi is doing insider trading in Congress, buys stocks we can't buy, her net worth goes up 61% over the past year, and when CNN asks her about it, she says:

'It's not true, I don't wanna talk about it, I have nothing more to say'

And that's it. They take it. Nothing more is said about it. They drop it and never ask her again.


But with Ron Paul?: newsletter comes out 20 years ago,... he didn't write it, read it, does not in any way agree with what was written, dis-avows it ...

... gets elected to Congress more than once while being asked about it 1000 times, over 20 years.

And CNN asks him about it. And asks him about it. And asks him. And asks him AGAIN. and asks him ... and asks him ... and asks him ... and asks him ... and asks him ....

Jerry's analysis of the

Jerry's analysis of the situation should be the front news story.

Jerry Doyle's explanation for

Jerry Doyle's explanation for why it was RIGHT for Ron to leave out of the Gloria CNN interview is EXACTLY right.

This is the truth. Jerry got it right.

The comparison to Nancy Pelosi just shows how stupid this whole thing is. Seriously guys, lay off the newsletters. It's done. Let's move on.

Bookmark Jerry Doyle Program to Listen via Streaming

Normally, at work I stream Alex Jones show and just let play throughout the day with the rebroadcast. Now after lunch I can listen to Jerry Doyle program. This is great.


...here. Now have an "after Infowars" program!!


...is TEE ball :-)

Jerry sets 'em up and Ron knocks 'em down!!

Ron on now!

the truth teller is broadcasting live to millions now.
Show some love to Jerry.

Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
www.yaliberty.org - Young Americans for Liberty
www.ivaw.org/operation-recovery - Stop Deploying Traumatized Troops

Listening Now!

Paul on in about 5-10 minutes

Live stream here:http://www.kdwn.com/streamer/

He asked a great question about what we call ourselves.
Some said "Ronulons", or "Paulites", while I always loved "the Revolution".

I think it is important that we identify with a movement and not a personality. You can't slay a movement, or an idea.

Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
www.yaliberty.org - Young Americans for Liberty
www.ivaw.org/operation-recovery - Stop Deploying Traumatized Troops

I prefer

"Paulites" to "Ronulans". I like "the Revolution" but it might sound kind of aggressive to his audience w/o the describing it as "the Ron Paul Revolution" which is too wordy.

"Paulites" is sort of like "Reagonites".
I don't like "Ronulans"(too Star Treky) or "Paulbots".

Quick question

Does Jerry Doyle make money off from us listening to that stream? If not, I'm considering a subsciption. I someone to listen to who is NOT in Rush Limbaugh or Hannity' big boy's club.

"I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove."

Buy a subscription, that

Buy a subscription, that would really help him. A one month subscription is 3 measly dollars. Not bad for a supporter with such a large audience. I put the link on the bottom of my post.

ANY method...

...of listening helps him (ratings). Buying a site subscription, as I will beginning next month, seems like a quicker and more direct source of (deserved) revenue.