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Video Update: Ron Paul Interview on Jerry Doyle 12/22/11

Ron Paul will be on Jerry Doyle today, at 4pm ET.


I beg people to stop listening to enemies like Rush, Sean, Mark and other soulless puppets and give Jerry your ears. This guy is on the money and if you live under a rock and don't know already he endorsed Ron a couple days ago. This man is smart, hilarious and passionate about calling attention to the state of things. If you really want to fight the dirtbags that do nothing but bash Ron and us supporters then stop listening to see what they will say next. Just turn them off for good and they will take a hit on ratings. Give Jerry the ratings that Rush and the rest of the war mongers don't deserve.

Listen to the show live here. Email Jerry Doyle here and call into the show 1-800-876-4123 to show your support.

The cost of a membership to listen live and have access to all of the archives is a measly 3 dollars for 3 whole months. Jerry has 3.75 million listeners already so let's make that base grow to overtake the evil war mongers currently dominating the airwaves. Even if we listen to them just to hear what they are saying we are giving them undeserved ratings. Give your time to someone that actually deserves it. Ron will be on at 5:15 ET. I am providing a link to make it even easier than it already is. These guys are hilarious and it's actually a good time listening. Unlike the real comic genius of Rush with his fake Ron Paul ad. 3 Dollars people! Thank you!


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to his page. Nice to kick some $$$ to a hard-line RP supporter who can influence many. Suggest you do the same...

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

I gave up...

...listening to the blow-hards long ago(even Alex Jones.) Jerry Doyle is a whole different matter. I love Jerry! I suggested a while ago on DP that we 'letter bomb' stations in markets where Jerry isn't on(like in Seattle where I live for example.) Go Jerry!


I did. $9 bucks for three months, $3 a month if yer on a budget.


Jerry is the man. It's totally worth it

Lets bring this guy up to #1 in nationwide conservative rankings and blow those other traitors away

Yes, it's on now! Hurry and

Yes, it's on now! Hurry and sign up, you won't be disappointed! I can't wait for the interview!

How're the TV ads going?

Probably not the ideal article to post this question on but...need to know. I have the notion that we really need to be moving in high gear on the TV ads now that we're in the home stretch (and the newsletters have resurrected themselves, unfor.).

Maybe getting on Stewart, Cavuto (FBN), Napolitano (FBN, again) at some point this next few days would be good?

Any thoughts?

okie dokie!!

will do~~


What the heck ... what's with the sarcasm...? I'm on the other side of the country and I wanted to find out.

Admittedly, I am worried about the developments after the Borger interview. So, I don't appreciate the flippy reply.

Bang Your Monkey!

The best thing you can do for Jerry, now that he has helped Ron Paul: Bang Your Monkey. Those of you who've ever listened to Jim Rome, you know what I am talking about. For the rest of you, it means: Contact your local radio station and ask for more Jerry.

I checked my local station in Tampa (820AM), but Jerry's only on from 11PM to 2AM, on Saturday night!? So I went to their website, clicked 'Contact Us' and dropped them a short, friendly note:

I was scanning your 820 Program Guide and see that you only run Jerry Doyle on Sat night Sunday morning. Any chance we can hear him on a more regular basis (i.e. daily)?

Don't even mention Ron Paul or anything like that. More hours for Jerry is good for us, and good for him.

Peace be with you.

Call your local talk station

Call your local talk station and ask them to add his show.


good job DR. PAUL IN CNN interview with that WITCH..after digging your records they are accusing as a racist????????..why do not they look other candidates records?

ron paul for ever...

What I don't understand...

I'm not politically savvy/talented whatsoever. But I know Gloria Borger is neither republican nor libertarian. In fact she's VERY left and very much pro taxation. She is also an Obamaphile.

So doesn't Dr. Paul's campaign vet which interviewers he does? Why would would the campaign take up a Borger interview? Dr. Paul shouldn't be running from interview to interview...this isn't 2008. He shouldn't have to worry about the other candidates - they trip over themselves easily enough.

I don't intend to be a Monday Quarterback on this - because I'd probably have made bigger mistakes if I were a campaign adviser - but we should be running TV ads, doing LOCAL IOWA interviews, and selecting no other interviews besides Stewart, Cavuto, Napolitano, and Kudlow (yes, because Kudlow defends lower taxes).

I feel Jesse Benton & Co. really dropped the ball on this one. Isn't it logical than revving up TV ads and being selective about interviews would afford Dr. Paul a bit of rest. We haven't even neared the eye of the storm yet, for Pete's sake. Benton & Co. really should have some strategic vision under these circumstances.

Hell, if you must, Rachel Maddow would be a better choice than Borger so close to the caucus. Hint: Neither Maddow nor Borger count on Iowa caucus republicans as target audiences. And Maddow agrees with Dr. Paul's civil outlook (the economics she disagrees with). But Maddow never has badgered Dr. Paul and does show him considerable respect.

To conclude: The campaign has to be more organized on interview selection. This interview should never have been greenlit by Dr. Paul and/or his campaign. We should stick to trusted interviewers - Stewart, Cavuto, Napolitano, Kudlow.

a previous interview between

a previous interview between Jerry and Paul on Nov-17-2011 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shMfBCjtQOA

Wow I really agree with this!

I don't get Jerry Doyle here in Alabama in my area, and to be honest I wouldn't know who he was if it wasn't for this radio show. I usually spend most of my time listening to Rush or some other bigwig because I just want to know what they will say something next in the back of my mind hoping it is a Ron Paul endorsement. I can't tell you how many times I have had to turn it off because it was giving me stress or making me disgusted at how they would mindlessly talk about absolutely nothing meaningful. If Rush Hannity or Levin went off the air, I couldn't possibly miss them. But they have such a monopoly over the air waves its horrible.

I'm never going to listen to them again for any meaningful period of time now, I'm going to get a new radio that will pick up Jerry, We don't need to listen to the others, lets help out Jerry, and give others an incentive to hop on board! Great post, I will execute your requests. :)

I never thought we had any huge radio shows that harbored the message of Ron Paul but now I know about JD!

iHeart Radio station?

As far as I know this show is not on any stations I can get around here. Anyone know what channel I can get it on from iHeart Radio? Wanna listen on my drive home.

Newsletter POLL!

Hurry on over and vote in this Newsletter Poll about Ron Paul!

It's about whether its relevant or not


Anyone know

if this radio program is available in the NY Metro area?

We don't get upstate NY stations.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

I'm not sure about that. I

I'm not sure about that. I just paid the 3 dollars so I can listen anytime I want. The plus is if you miss it live they put up the show in the archives a couple hours after the show. I usually can't listen live so I wait until later when I'm home and even better the commercials are skipped in the archived shows.

Radio Station Guide

Never really listened to any

Never really listened to any of them.....I love Doyle though....will be listening to him as much as possible now! Thanks for the info! :)

I think we should organize a boycott..

...or something we need to flex our muscles.

3$ a month

After Doyle endorsed RP I signed up for his monthly plan (only $3 a month, I mean c'mon...). That endorsement to me was the sign that this is a man of principle above anything else. And a real conservative on top of it. So I urge you all to jump on board and subscribe as well.

Your right, I accidentally

Your right, I accidentally put 3 dollars for 3 months. My mistake but it's still a great deal and totally worth it!

Ron Paul speaking right now in Iowa!


if the link doesn't work, check out cnn us edition. They have a live feed.

He did great, I'm glad he

He did great, I'm glad he went in to detail about NDAA! The people need to know about this.

I shook loose of the 3 bucks.

I shook loose of the 3 bucks. Way worth it. Jerry Doyle rocks!

Sorry, but..

As a Free-Market Libertarian, I won't participate in any website that asks me for money before it'll even let me BROWSE it. Ask for donations, fine, but I won't pay admission to see something I can find at no cost to myself.

Freedom is my Worship Word!

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Ron Paul interviews usually appear on the Front Page.

I bet this one will, too :-)

I hope so, I know that Jerry

I hope so, I know that Jerry will talk about the disgusting smear campaign against the only candidate that has a soul. Thanks for the bump!

I know I'm not supposed to do

I know I'm not supposed to do this but I don't see anywhere showing that Ron will be on Jerry today and this died in like 5 minutes.

I think...

I think the social protocol is you are allowed one self bump.

What time is the interview?