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How to deal with the racism smear

A few things everyone can do to deal with these classic smears against Ron Paul's fine reputation. So how can we handle these outrageous ad hominem attacks?

1.) The US people are smart and frustrated - they will see through these silly media lies and attacks - the old media tricks will not work. Ron Paul is #1 GOP candidate among African-Americans.

2.) Stay focussed on the actual issues - Ron Paul has a lot to say and at every opportunity he should avail.

3.) Repeatedly report the propaganda technique that is being used against people who fall for the smear. Tell them how the technique influences how they see Ron Paul and it robs them of their free choice.

4.) Again focus on the issues - ignore the dirty tricks do not perpetuate them by engaging directly with the smear. Do not stoop to their level.

5.) Media blackout and unfair treatment is an example of the problem. Point this out at every chance. Everyone knows what the media is doing here.

6.) Repeat debate video of Gingrich explaining how he operates. Silently, covert, deniable.

7.) Racism is a form of collectivism and as such runs counter to libertarianism - the smear does not really make sense so good to point that out.

8.) The fact that this base level smear is being used first shows that those who seek to attack Ron Paul actually have nothing on him - this smacks of desperation and fear of a real election this cycle - so take comfort in this fact.

Just a quick list. Does anyone else want to add to it?




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