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I started a Super PAC. Here's Why.

December 22, 2011

I took steps two weeks ago to dedicate myself full-time to the Ron Paul campaign even if I had to do it independently without the campaign's support. I figured that Ron Paul will win the Iowa caucus and need some organization on the ground in Florida to take advantage of the media bump here and political momentum.

Thus, I formed a Super PAC (also known as an “independent expenditure only committee”) called "Ron Paul Volunteers PAC" to collect money for the purpose of organizing voter-canvassing efforts, direct mail campaigns and local TV/radio advertising well before the Ron Paul campaign establishes its presence in the Sunshine State.

A few of us have been spending money and having collections for all sorts of activities that have been steadily increasing and having one organization to collect checks is easier combined with the fact that it is better for promotions, too (proof of which is that you are reading this writing).

However, the most important purpose of this organization is to establish a lasting libertarian presence in Florida past the conclusion of the primaries. The 2008 primary election ended in Florida with a whimper with very little organization set up by the grassroots to continue the work of spreading the liberty message. This organization will continue to exist beyond Florida's January 31st primary where it will be used to influence federal elections. We must resist the establishment-status-quo and it starts with organization.

And the establishment immediately took notice as Politco and The National Review Online reported the launch of this new Super PAC.

You too can form your own Super PAC.

Super PACs are easy to set up and breaks the notion of a “contribution limit” in politics for individuals and businesses, alike. More importantly, unlike the infamous 527 groups, Super PACs can use these “unlimited” contributions to advocate for specific liberty candidates, like Dr. Ron Paul. If you know someone or a group of someones who want to know what to do with their money politically then tell them to start a Super PAC of their own or become familiar with the independent expenditure process.

The only complaint that is discussed about Super PACs is transparency. Contributions do not have to be reported until at least the end of the quarter which leaves months of expenditures happening without any knowledge as to who is paying for it. If enough money is spent in the same quarter with an election, it could severely influence that election. In the cause of liberty, this lack of transparency could actually be a good thing. Remember, that most political contributions are given on the basis of compulsion – if you don't give, then you may a lose a contract or upset the powers that be. Sounds very mafioso, but true. The lack of transparency in Super PAC could actually be the necessary protection that lets contributions come from even those political sources that are tired of being pressured and want change. It doesn't take a lot of money to defeat incumbents, but it does take money, and often those sources of fundraising can be found most closest to the incumbent.

If you are interested in more information regarding this writing or contributing money to the cause of Ron Paul in Florida and liberty past the primaries please feel free to email me at hectorroos@gmail.com or call me at (305) 300-7237.

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