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Thanks Zimbabwe! Now who in New Hamphire wants some Super Brochures!?

Hello all! So wow! The Zimbabwe One Hundred Trillion Dollar bill sold for $1,825 and after costs associated with PayPal ($71.48) and EBay ($100.40), I paid shipping (fun story, roughly $55 after insurance), I chipped in $1.95 due to account verification process, and what we have left is $1,655.07. With all that said, never did I ever imagine this item would fetch such a purse. Below you’ll find my ever exciting experience and what the outcome offers?!

Starting with the listing process. This was the first time I had ever sold anything on EBay and naturally when you use EBay you sign up for PayPal, which provided wonderful headaches. Originally I was going to set a "Buy-it-now" price of $150.00. "I mean I only paid four Federal Reserve Notes for this thing," I thought. But then my faith in the free market took over and I said to myself "if the price will go to the limit, why limit?" Therefore I passed on the "Buy-it-now!" price. Rightly so, to $1,825.00! Need I say more?

After the item sold and I was contacted within minutes by the buyer and the money was deposited into my PayPal account. "Wow, this was pretty easy!" I thought. Then I noticed the buyer wanted shipping to New Zealand?! I thought of my friend who sent a jacket to Taiwan and then had his payment to him reversed because the buyer said he never received it. Turns out USPS doesn't track to the door and the delivery tracking was useless. PayPal debited his account and he was screwed. I did not want this to happen to me. So I provided some options and then it turns out the buyer and I got on the phone shortly after some back-and-forth emails.

Really cool guy! Living outside the country due to his outlook on our society and international appeal. Come to find out he’s very active in supporting the cause of liberty and we shared stories of our involvement in various activities. Also found out that one of his professional hats is in the same industry as myself which fairly coincidental. By the end of the conversation I felt very comfortable and was ready to ship the item to New Zealand.

Then the PayPal nightmare started. I logged in and immediately the red bar at the top of my account that said "your account has been limited." I called to find out what this meant. I was walked through a couple clicks and found the resolution center where I was to submit bank account information, picture identification, credit card, address, shipping details, bloodtype and firstborn. Kidding on the last two but that’s what it felt like.

So I submitted scans of banks docs, a drivers license scan, and I had walked through the Credit Card information and I was told that it had accepted but it never reflected as such in the resolution center. Then I was told by PayPal support that I didn’t qualify for seller protection since it was a unique item. Which changed my plans on shipping to New Zealand. So I ended up shipping to the buyers US address and finally after several days PayPal released my funds.

Now we’re cooking, money is available and Michael had asked to use the money to sponsor some Super Brochure mailings to South Carolina, as New Hampshire has surpassed the mailing date. Heading home from work I stop in Zaxby’s for dinner and call Erik of the Super Brochure project to find out what areas I should purchase in South Carolina. He mentions that we could just flood Super Brochures into supporter’s hands in New Hampshire. We'll more out that way. We just need people to get them out.

Can you help get them out?

We’re looking for HARDCORE supporters in New Hampshire to get them out. Email me rp@uriahmatthews.com all I ask is you give me reason to believe you’re a Ron Paul supporter and not some competitor that’s going to throw them in the trash. A picture of you and you’re bumper stickered car? References? Whatever you come up with, free market rules!

Also it would be really awesome to know how you plan on getting them out and while you're doing so to take pictures, video whatever so after all of this is done we can put the media together and really see how much thanks we owe Zimbabwe!

With $1655.07 I’m thinking we’ll get around 25 cases depending on shipping.

For Liberty,

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How about doing it again and again?

That way overseas supporters can keep supporting RonPaulBrochures...

Flood IOWA, Saturate Iowa, WIN Iowa with superBrochures: http://superbrochure.com/

The value was in RP's

The value was in RP's signature on it..:)

The world is supporting Ron

The world is supporting Ron Paul. Many comments I see BEGGING the US to get it together and elect this man are from Australia, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Norway, England etc.

You can buy these uncirculated here in the US from Amazon.com for 7 bucks. Nice profit from your 4 dollar purchase!!


RP Super Brochure's picture

10 Miles of Super Brochures

Uriah and I figured that if you opened up all the Super Brochures that would come from the money that was raised from this one (almost worthless note), they would stretch for 10 miles.

That is about the distance around Washington DC.

They could cover the Trump Tower.

With a Never Quit Honest and Positive attitude, all negatives become positives.

We can take another countries inflated failure and turn it into a story that converts others to a Constitutional truth.

Thank you American living in New Zealand!

We have not a moment to lose.

-Super Brochure

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Never Quit Honest & Positive Attitude

That is what I like best.

It is the source of all goodness in people, and it is at the very basis of this project.

Thank you.

He's the man.

very excellent!

job well done!

You have now offically...

.... achieved Rock Star Status in the eyes of Ron Paul supporters, the motley majority (used to be a minority) in whose hearts the fires of freedom burn with ferocious intensity.

What a story!

Plano TX

Two Comments

The deadline to donate to the Super Brochure Campaign for New Hampshire is December 28th. Here is the link to that: http://3stepstowardfreedom.chipin.com/cases-of-brochures-for-nh

If you don't want to do that, I know Ron Paul supporters are meeting in New Hampshire on January 7th for a final push over the weekend before the primary. Here is the facebook page about that: https://www.facebook.com/events/151151268323559/

Would you consider...

sending any to Nevada?

I don't have the funds at the moment to purchase any on my own. What I do have are two legs and two arms that work just fine, and the will to distribute those sweet puppies to all of the registered Republicans (closed caucus in Nevada) in my precinct #5398, here in Las Vegas.

Please, oh please!


Truth is Treason in the Empire of Lies!

RON PAUL 2012+2016

Uriah Matthews's picture

NH For Now

I feel ya! I could actually use them myself in my local (FL) group but the decision was made to send them to momentum building states in the hopes of a great Domino effect. The decision was made between, Michael, Erik and I. Cheers and good luck!

FYI I do not claim to know the path but I'm working my hardest to find it in much practice.

"The Whole World is My Country, All of Mankind My Brethren, and To Do Good is My Religion." -Thomas Paine

I understand...

and I applaud your efforts in selling the "Zimbabwe Bill" and then donating the proceeds to our great cause. Incredible job!

Truth is Treason in the Empire of Lies!

RON PAUL 2012+2016

yes, I would :)

Please contact me at michaelk3@sbcglobal.net

Thanks, Michael...

any amount would be greatly appreciated.

I will show my appreciation by distributing them wisely and efficiently.

You are a kind and generous man!

I thank you in advance,


Truth is Treason in the Empire of Lies!

RON PAUL 2012+2016

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Truly an awesome DP Christmas event with so many generous

participants involved!

Mega thanks to you, Uriah, Michael N, NZ buyer, Erik, NH volunteers. . . and the clueless Zimbabwe central bankers who made this possible! Oops, I almost forgot: the "value" of Z bank note was made valuable by Ron Paul's signature. Thank you, Dr. Ron Paul, for inspiring all of us and giving values to what we do for Liberty!

Merry blessed Christmas to you all!

Anyone who would pay $1825 is

Anyone who would pay $1825 is not the kind of person who would do a charge-back. The $55 insurance seems unnecessary.

Uriah Matthews's picture

The insurance also protects

The insurance also protects the item if it's lost by UPS. The cost benefits analysis made sense to me.

"The Whole World is My Country, All of Mankind My Brethren, and To Do Good is My Religion." -Thomas Paine

Insuring something at $1825

Insuring something at $1825 also makes it a target to be stolen. I know this from experience. Paying ~$45 for insurance (or whatever it cost) means you assume a ~2.5% chance it will be lost in transit. The actual rate of loss is less than 1%. They make money on the insurance.

The buyer obviously wanted to contribute to the campaign. He cannot do this directly because of campaign finance laws.

Uriah Matthews's picture

While I completely appreciate

While I completely appreciate your thoughts I am someone that aires on the side of caution in most things I do in life. My mother teases me all the time for alway being prepared and having an abundance of things. It's in my nature I guess. The insurance to me makes sense at the prevention of headaches to me as a convenience of such to quite possibly my namesake. I personally felt very liable to the buyer to guarantee delivery and to the Daily Paul community to make sure this transaction was carried out with the smallest risk of failure. Nonetheless I was also hoping to get access to the money and use it immediately of which if I hadn't purchased the insurance and UPS compensates for their standard $75 or whatever then I owe money back to buyer at which point I was hoping to have in the pockets of the Super Brochure guys. Then I would have been in a bad spot.

It all comes down to risk and I am one who again very much enjoys being prepared. The cost of insurance was worth it to me as a personal decision. Of which us Liberty Lovers typically enjoy.

On a side note I find it more interesting that your user name has been created for under an hour and the only thing you have commented on is this post. I find it pretty wild that you have such distaste for my personal decision to buy insurance sparked your interest to become a participant at the Daily Paul.

But I welcome you and your opinions. I thank you for your comments, just try to keep in mind we are each different as free men and sometimes though we may not agree we should agree to respect each others personal decision so long as they do not affect another.

For Liberty,

"The Whole World is My Country, All of Mankind My Brethren, and To Do Good is My Religion." -Thomas Paine

I applaud your effort to

I applaud your effort to raise money for Paul. I have a lot of experience in shipping and was just trying to provide some helpful advice to help maximize the amount which ultimately goes to the cause in the future. I am sorry if I offended you.



Love for you brother in Liberty!

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Wow! Congrats! Great job!

Wow! Congrats!

Great job!


Well done sir! I swear it's stuff like this on the DailyPaul that keeps me upbeat whenever I see crap on the news that makes me worried that our country is going down the sh*tter. Keep up the fight!

And please, for the love of God, would someone please set up a link or page or whatever so more people could do this easily? Some kind of "DailyPaul approved" list of ebay auction items that we know the profits would go to support Ron Paul! I'm sure a ton of money could be raised! Hell because of Michael's link to Amazon on this site I now buy stuff from them preferentially cause I know he'll get some money from it!

Let's make it happen!

aprox. 20 cases of 1,000, but now you get more because they

come in boxes of 900 for less money. I ordered 20,000 and have been canvassing with them like crazy. SC and FL are needed if you have ground troops that will canvass with them, which is a very important detail, they cannot sit in someone's home!!

Merry Christmas to you, let me know if anything i can do to help!

Take these www.3StepsTowardFreedom.com to assist Ron Paul in becoming our next Commander In Chief. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-480OMya3U

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Great story, and thanks for EVERYTHING Uriah!

Merry Christmas friend.

He's the man.
Uriah Matthews's picture

Thank YOU!

Michael, you've been a pathfinder on this journey and I tip my hat to you Sir. Thank you for leading the way!

"The Whole World is My Country, All of Mankind My Brethren, and To Do Good is My Religion." -Thomas Paine

Bumpity Bing

Awesome work !