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Iowa Caucus Goers- DO NOT leave after voting

From Ron Paul Forums

DELEGATES ELECTED AT THE CAUCUS are extremely important. We need everyone to stay and encourage other people to leave if they are not for us. The party business they mention is just that and the hack people would love it if all RP supporters just take off and go home after the initial preference vote.

The real action takes place later and that is winning the most precinct delegates and alternates we can who are RP supporters and sending them to the county and district conventions and the state convention where we can win National Convention Delegates.

We need to win the most delegates as possible.

I hope meetup groups, the state and county RP campaign organizations are going into much more detail on how to organize slates of RP candidates before the caucus and understand basic roberts rules of order, strategies etc.

Anyone who has never attended a caucus but plan to go this cycle please study more than just this basic video. And whatever you do DO NOT leave the caucus after the candidate vote. Stay and get RP delegates and alternates elected. We can win the preference vote but get no National Convention Delegates if we dont stay and conduct this party business they refer to.

Best of luck to all of you for your time and efforts in Iowa. You are wonderful patriots.

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bump, very important

bump, very important

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

I am not in Iowa but wanted to give this a quick bump as seems

Pretty important.

Put on "Ron Paul" badges AFTER you vote and...

hang around a legal distance from the voting area until the precinct results are reported.

Folks, Don't Assume ANYTHING

The GOP Establishment/Old Guard will do whatever they think they can get away with to take away Ron's win (and ours).

Is getting the best president since at least Calvin Coolidge (and probably Grover Cleveland) worth hanging around at the caucus for an extra hour or two?

Forget basketball for a week. Find a babysitter for the kids (with winter formal coming up, lots of teens would love the extra money). EXPECT TO SPEND THE WHOLE NIGHT AT THE CAUCUS. You'll thank yourself the following morning.



Yes. I wish I could remember

Yes. I wish I could remember the states that did it, but SEVERAL announced where to go and vote, then changed the place and moved up the time so by the time supporters got there, voting was over. In Nevada they shut the entire convention down when Ron was winning and said they would pick the delegates themselves. Be on the alert at all times with the GOP.

Might be a good idea to

Might be a good idea to establish a communications network of people who will alert others while at the convention.

Dirty tricks

The establishment will pull all sorts of dirty tricks to prevent the presidency of Ron Paul. So always be on the lookout for potential voting fraud or other tricks to prevent the presidency of Ron Paul. Remember what happened to Robert Kennedy? They might try the same thing on Ron Paul if they are really desperate.

They play tricks.

From my own experience in 08 in Paul's own district.

1. They will run 2 or 3 county conventions together to dilute the Paul vote, even going against their own rules..
2. They will give wrong directions and DATES of the conventions, even the time of day, maybe ALL THREE! like they did to me. I was lost for 2 hours, but made it because I left 2 hours early!lol ...Leave well in advance and double check where you're going. The est. are well practiced at manipulation and dirty tricks.

3. At the conventions,they will identify Paul supporters and try to get them into one room with a lure.
Such as, "we can teach you how to become a delegate for Ron Paul, so come in this room and learn how",,,All the while, voting is going on in the main room and Paul supporters are in another..This happened!

They will lie to you and are 2 faced.
Double check directions and times.
Do not follow, LEAD.

I walked into a room full of Paul supporters and almost pushed over 2 henchmen guarding the door to get them out into the gymnasium to join the voting.
My bros had been lied to and were in a room and the look on every ones face when I pulled the door open and yelled the "voting was going on and you are missing it" was sad but priceless!
Those little 'Paul' legs moved so fast out of that room, the lecturer was stunned what had just happened. He was almost run over, and should have been.
We spread out through the gym, about 50 of us, and went on with the voting.
Be prepared to take the horse by the reins and ride, no stopping and no fear.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Man, the dirtbags just won't

Man, the dirtbags just won't stop, will they? Be ever vigilant.

Identifying RP Supporters

Another strategy is to purchase the small 1" lapel pin from the campaign store, and wear it after the caucus vote, but before the delegates are elected (if such is allowed).

I disagree.

I do not recommend that strategy at all.

The reason why is because the establishmentarians may still have a very very heavy hand and may make it far more difficult for the Paulistas. While the keywords do expose our philosophy to a degree, I think a good strategy is to be as covert as we can so we do not compromise our delegates as they move up the political chain.

Front Page Material. Many

Front Page Material.

Many thanks to all the Caucus goers who are sticking around afterwards to be confirmed as DELEGATES.


Watch this dry yet astonishing Dr. Robert Beck cancer treatment lecture on Google Video - search "Suppressed Medical Discovery" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkiX0jJJozk


Another thing that is very beneficial to do at your caucus comes after the nomination of delegates and/or alternates but PRIOR to voting for them.

Sometimes, there will be individuals who will be nominated as delegates that you have never met before. It is a good idea to make a motion to the convener to have the nominated delegates tell the caucus attendees a little about themselves.

Because there will many caucus goers showing up who may be sympathetic to Ron Paul but who have not been previously brought into the fold, you will want to use keywords in your speech to gain their vote!

Use words like:

Sound currency
Humble foreign policy
Civil Liberties
Rule of law
Restoring the Bill of Rights and Constitution

And of course any other buzz words that echo Ron Paul's message. This will assure that caucus goers who are supportive of Ron Paul will also be supportive of you and vote to send you up the chain as a delegate.

Double down!

Great best practice. Thanks for sharing with the group.


Watch this dry yet astonishing Dr. Robert Beck cancer treatment lecture on Google Video - search "Suppressed Medical Discovery" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkiX0jJJozk


But no time for sillies.
Don't be offended OK?

I can't find this on RPF

Could i have a link please? Cheers

Isn't it funny how only Ron Paul has to be concerned about

a fair vote count. We don't ask for special favors, just fairness. We shouldn't even have to do this, but it's now become necessary. The voting process should be above reproach. The other candidates don't seem concerned at all. Having to fight your own party.....what a disgrace.

Not knowing exactly how the physical caucuses work, we'll have to rely on the steely eyed wariness of the Ron Paul supporters to keep them honest.

alan laney

BEWARE OF STATE HACKS---this is what happened in MONTANA

When we had the State Convention, they had figured just WHO the Ron Paul supporters were, so they had 2 different microphone stands set up, one on each side of the room.

THEN, they called our names up to introduce ourselves. THIS WAS A PLOY!!!

How? Because they wanted the local uninvolved type RINOS to know WHICH PEOPLE WERE RON PAUL SUPPORTERS, so that that would be the audience's "cue" not to vote for them.

This way they controlled JUST WHO THE DELEGATES that THEY WANTED to go to the convention. Not even Dave, our head leader who had worked so tirelessly, was able to go to the convention. And, even though Ron Paul came in SECOND & McCain THIRD, they manipulated it so that NOT ONE FRIGGIN' RON PAUL DELEGATE went to the national convention.

WHEN ROMNEY dropped out of the race in 2008, RON PAUL "should have" had ALL 25 DELEGATES to go to the National Convention. He didn't even get one stinking delegate, ALL BECAUSE of the sheer manipulation at the State level.

I am WARNING YOU ALL to make sure you insist nothing like this happens in Iowa! NO separate miss. NO identifying of RP supporters! IF they just try to do it, you guys go up to that mic & FORGET introducing you as a person other than your name & YOU TALK YOUR 2 MINUTES ABOUT THE UNFAIRNESS OF THIS CRAP.

BE PREPARED FOR SHENANIGANS & VIDEO THE WHOLE TIME~~~tell those people you are putting this out for the WHOLE WORLD to see just how CORRUPT elections have become!

Robert's Rules of Order

There are GOP party bylaws, so get them before attending and read them.

The meeting will flow based on Robert's Rules of Order, which is often used for meetings. Do a search on this to get an overview of what will be said. The language is often not familiar, though it is not too complicated. It is simply the agreed way to run a meeting without the loudest shouter taking control of the meeting.

"Teller Committee" counts ballots. Volunteer to be on the committe and help count.
Credentials committee, which checks people in, is also very beneficial to watch. They will be checking eligible voter lists and IDs.

Sorry, but they don't follow

Sorry, but they don't follow their own rules. I've heard this again and again. If they see an opportunity to screw you over they will do it.

We are the majority now

Back then, it might not have been the case, but allot has changed.... ;)

Ron Paul 2012!

Can videos be taken of the vote as well? That would be helpful

to document.


Please post the link to the video and I will put it up here.

Ron Paul is My President

Iowans - we're counting on you!

To be honest I didn't realize that's how caucuses worked but we absolutely need to be vigilant in terms of making sure the voting process is legitimately fair. That applies for all candidates (even though I only believe Dr Paul is the only candidate who can save this country). Great job in pointing this out joeinmo! We all need to make sure this is brought to the forefront




DO NOT allow any voting for presidential preference or delegates to be done by standing, hand raising, or vocal (ay vs. nay).

Make sure that ALL voting is done by paper ballot (in fact you may even wish to bring a pad of paper and some pens with you). In the event there is a tie between persons for a delegate or alternate spot make sure that that tie breaking vote is also done by paper (or a flip of the coin may suffice).

Lastly, make sure you exercise your right to view the tally of the paper ballots!!!

Paper tally is a Paper record

Good idea!

I completely...

...agree. Past history tells us to be ever vigilant.