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How are Americans reacting to the attacks and smears against Dr. Paul?

Do Americans see through the attacks?

Is it having an effect on Dr. Poll's polling, negatively or positively?

What do your friends, family, etc. tell you? What are you hearing if you live in Iowa and New Hampshire?

Ultimately, will this hurt, help, or basically do nothing to the good doctor?

I don't want this to be a "what should we do about the newsletters" thread. I wanted to know how people were reacting to the propaganda on the ground. That's all.

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As long as people still use the mainstream

media as their main news source it can be used as a psyop weapon against anyone. A villain can be made to appear a saint, and a good man a racist. So how do we fight that? How can there be an honest election when money owns the media?

As I've been reading the

As I've been reading the comments from the MSM disinformation and propaganda articles/videos, probably 90%+ of the comments are of contempt and mistrust. Anyone halfway tuned in is seeing through the lies.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Maybe Maddow's handlers were also nervous about Rolling Stone

article pointing out manipulations by the bank. And then of course Ron Paul pointing out the impending police state. Both of these topics hit home with most liberals. I think the Rolling Stone article has a lot of influence on a certain segment of liberals so maybe the point of Maddow is to shore up the blockade of any democrats jumping ship to a third party libertarian.

There has to be a strategic reason for the hit on Paul now when he's not even running for anything or in office.

It has a tremendous effect on

It has a tremendous effect on Democrats who might cross over to help us. Most people don't know a thing about Ron Paul except he's "unelectable, old, racist, and has a wacky idea of the world". It's really just another arrow in the long line of attacks against Ron Paul. However, a racism charge is the mark of the beast for a public figure. The media is attempting to plant a seed in the minds of democrats that Ron Paul is off limits. For example, tell a republican that Obama is weak on "national defense". It sticks. I just got an email from a cross over democrat that is thinking about voting for me at our caucus to be a delegate. Her email asked me why I could support a racist and that she always new he was racist.

yeah sure...the 'racist' Dr.

yeah sure...the 'racist' Dr. Paul...


“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Only people who still believe

Only people who still believe mainstream media, or who put faith in Establishment politicians believe any of it. They never mentioned these outrageous charges when they thought they could ignore Ron Paul. Now, they are panicking and it's obvious. But everything negative they say about Ron Paul and his positions on the issues alienates more Americans.

There is no way out for the Neocons. They have been exposed and every day more Americans understand their treachery. The deception game is over. Now, the gloves will have to come off. But it's still a game of bluff. There is too much understanding within the military - political contributions demonstrate that.

Our friends can cause us a lot of problems, but there time is up. Too many people know.

Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul = GENIUS!

pent up frustrations in response to what seemed like a case of frustratingly inactive, lack of response from the campaign on this issue move by the campaign, yet upon taking some break, meditation & deep breath, as I always believed, people truly do underestimate the Doc's naturally talented political instincts.

the full Cholera Booger's stunt was released two days after the laughably easily spottable poor splice job to make him look like he stormed off, when in reality, after the questionable portion of the newsletters were raised, he took pause, did get a bit more assertive, but proceeded to answer question, then also proceeded to elaborate further on the details of the investment portion of the newsletters.


then it seemed as if he was letting this fester & fester.

but the sage, as always, true patience & wisdom comes with age. when the MSM is riled up, the blogosphere go apeshiiite, the best thing to do is, LET THEM.

No response from the 'target' all they're doing is just talking to themselves ranting, and ranting, as the Doc calmly goes on a neutral interview with Cavuto, in which he proceeds to elaborate further in a more peaceful context, as he clearly spotted what Cholera Booger was up to near the end of the interview.

Sly ol' fox you!

If I didn't have enough respect for the man before, he's forever cemented it.

if anything, such coolness displays thoughtful strategic mind with truth as his simple guide.

it's so simple, it's brilliant. dude's like zen monk: achieve more by doing less.

Of course, we're not gonna see the full version of the Booger interview cited in likes of RAWstory, MSNBC, TPM, HuffPost, etc.

Damage in their mind is done. But since he's actually release an explanation as well as an apology for "oversight neglect" the MSM has to at least deal with a counter argument put out.

now, predictably the endless whining on the Left has shifted from 'he's a racist!" to now 'well if he couldn't manage a small publishing firm, how is to manage the presidency?" blah blah blah.

still if the aim is to garner indy & left voters, as well as former RINOs & neocons, now the criticism has shifted from an accusation on a state of being 'racist,' to a skillset: management skill.

except what they're forgetting is latter can easily be learned & overcome, as the Doc has adroitly exhibited he can. look at all his successes after that.

don't know if many of you are aware, but supposedly when Lefty Morris were running against the Doc with full aid of Nut Grinch & Bush Crime Family, his supporters would literally line up in front of Dr. Paul's campaign office with swastikas! It only stopped when one of his half-jewish staffer came out wearing screamed at Morris as he was reading off the passages in the newsletter, that he was a jew and if he truly thought Dr.Paul was a bigot, would he work for him? Witnesses say that Morris were shocked into silence & even started to tremble publicly. & then the entire racist charge stopped. for good.

if that story is true, as it seems to be, we can see why the Doc is not anxious to go through such nonsense again.

I cannot imagine how thick his skin has become from all these episodes, but he's my Gray Champion, forever.

40yrs of virulent enemies, yet he somehow manages to let it all slide off with ease, minding his own business, continuing to walk the talk with freedom philosophy inspiring millions & new generation to take up the cause.

Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul will go down in history as the single most responsible person to kickstart the American Revolution 2.0. aka "Restoration."

seriously, whoTF is gonna remember Frothy, Fachmann, Grinch, Cholera Borger, Orally, Insanity et al? History will footnote them, if that, as mere nuisances of the time.

We have the right ideas that work in reality.
We have the right candidate who has a near unassailable public & private life, who's never failed his fealty to the Constitution.

We'll win this.

Believe it.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

In my opinion,

The so called journalists that keep harping on this are the equivalent of a young child that asks you a question. You answer the child's question and he asks: why? You answer that and again he asks: why? So you can end up going in circles for hours with the child or you just say the end. Anytime a "journalist" asks you the same question 3 times which you already answered, just tell them to rewind and listen to the answer you have already given. the end!!

Formerly rprevolutionist

What I see

is that all out WAR has been declared on the Constitution, and anyone who stands up for it.

subtle powerful effect

Most people don't follow the news or politics like we do, so they sort of pick up on things by osmosis.

A friend/colleague told me tonight that he was sure Ron Paul was a racist because he was from Texas?! I said no he's not and pointed to the freeing non-violent drug offenders pledge.

My friend also said, and I quote, "fiscal conservatism is the devil". I couldn't reply but just focused on Ron ending the wars and using that money domestically.

He is also a huge supporter of OWS even though he has a $1.4 million house. It can be hard to convince someone they are wrong about something, easier to just focus on what they like that is more relevant (e.g. anti-war).

Check out http://ronpaulforums.com for activism and news.

avg SES of an Occupy supporter & narc addys, the sad strory of O

I have a hard time finding people my age (mid 20's) that actually support OWS that were raised in poverty and/or had to routinely depend on themselves at any point in their lives. Most of the supporters that I met are just RICH bleeding heart liberals. Different parts of the occupy draw different people though (IE. the GA is usually higher income and the marchers mid income).

The people I know who have been in attendance of it regularly are hardcore drug addicts, most of which are wealthy (millionaire parents, how else do you think they could have stayed there?) or were raised in an environment which they interpreted as well off (all needs and wants filled). One can be seen on the far right of the 1st interview done with Mikey Moore at OWS (the one with the pan angle lens, he is the fat kid with the giant jewfro that stands about 4'10" in front of the nickle head guy), his name is Alex Harkavey, you can FB to look him up if you don't believe me. He does mainly hallucinogens namely LSD, smokes weed and uses exstacy, probably does a whole lot more stuff because I stopped being friends with him at LSD, that was 6 years ago. Another, an occupy Denver girl and her bf who will go unnamed both do exstacy on a reg. I've seen at least 3 more people who probably want to remain unnamed in attendance of marching protests that i know will do any pill or drug put in front of them. (I'll only name off people if they are dumb enough to get broadcasted on TV since they gave their consent in the first place).

Honestly, even Anonymous will openly admit that OWS was wrestled away from them by Adbusters during the arrests on the bridge. Check their #OpInform page if you don't believe me. What Anonymous did not know was, this had been planned for several years by both Anon and Adbusters. Adbusters had set up a number of fake Anonymous news sites early on which mirrored materials from other Anon sites then had a huge shift of focus as soon as Occupy hit. Much earlier content that may challenge their views on Occupy strangely dissipated in the archives of those sites over the next 6 days following the bridge arrest. I trolled them for a while by posting some of it to various blogs then got bored.

Sick of Googling? Want links? Just ask! I usually say that last to have the fun of making people Google things.

We are winning!

Things are going to get nasty, MSN is throwing everything they have at us. It won't work, (I hope.) We need to use this as a motivation. The MSN already hate us because we are pasionate about Ron Paul. More eyes will be opened and we will win much more than we ever thought posible if we just keep on going and pay no attention. If we use this energy to our advantage. Most people are not watching what is going on they are doing christmas right now. Breath and have a great christmas! all will be OK just have some faith.

reedr3v's picture

Way too early to tell. One favor it has

done for us is to give us a nasty taste of the low muckraking they will fabricate throughout his candidacy. It has given us the opportunity to do our research, to understand the issue better than ever, and to arm ourselves with the truth.

Personally outside of 'net forums, I haven't encountered that accusation yet. I was actually more afraid of this issue before it became prevalent among the "gotcha" media. they love a scandalous rumor far more than they care for boring issues such as peace and liberty and truth.

Seeing Borger's obvious exaggeration and near groveling apologia at the end, I think we can handle this. Dr. Paul is growing from the attacks, his responses are becoming more precise and clear. And don't forget the American public knows well how crooked the press is, how biased they are, how they constantly lie. I think there is an excellent chance this will further weaken their hold on the slower learners among the public.

Most people don't have opinions on these things

because they never think about them. The fight for mindshare is being fought by all camps that oppose Ron Paul. If they get their opinions out there 10x more often than Ron can, then the wishy-washy public will drift to the opinion that is easiest for them to accept. Face it, for a person who doesn't know Ron from Adam, it's just "easier to accept" that Ron is a racist than to believe he was either lax, remiss or too trusting in overseeing a newsletter that had his name on it.

My parents live in Paul's congressional district

They know this stuff is junk, for what it's worth.

ACLJ Ron Paul Attack

I was listening to the ACLJ radio program with Jay Sekulow yesterday 12/22/2011 & he & his son went on an all out attack on Dr. Paul over a comment he'd make concerning Iran attacking Israel with a nuke.

These guys are 1st class bottom feeders!!! They even insinuated that Dr. Paul is "anti-Semitic" because of his constitutional noninterventionist stance, just disgusting!!!

Once at the ACLJ site, click on "Listen Now" up at the top right. Then choose the 12/22/2011 program & try not to puke.......

On most things they are pretty good on

but when it comes to Israel and the middle east, they allow their preconceived notions about what Israel (physical)is. In reality, if one is as "Christian" as they say they are, then you would think they would know that physical Israel is nothing to God, but spiritual Israel is important to God. A Christina should know, that they are part of spiritual Israel, not physical Israel and should not really care about what happens to the physical Israel. Worry what is happening to your place in spiritual Israel-they need to read Galations 3:28. Rant over.

This is how they're reacting

This article sums up everything Ive heard. The campaign is very inexperienced..just like the last time. Keep fighting. But also keep pushing the campaign to step up their game. He needs to do an acknowledgment video. Obama did it after the Reverend Wright situation


I didn't want this to be a

I didn't want this to be a "what should we do about the newsletters" thread. I wanted to know how people were reacting to the propaganda on the ground. That's all.

Yahoo comments under the

Yahoo comments under the articles are at least 10-1, sometimes 20-1 in favor of Dr. Paul. For every 10 negative "thumbs downs" there are 100-200 "thumbs up" to positive comments left for Dr. Paul.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Thats inaccurate

Paul fans are swarming sites right now and doing multiple posts so thats not a reflection of hwo the majority of people feel.Paul fans are just more visible. Trust me...when you talk to people on the street its very different.

We have to get out of the echo chamber and start talking to non-paul fans to see how he's being received.

I don't use online

I don't use online information to indicate how people will vote. It's always been inaccurate by a long-shot. Read my reasoning below. Don't think this is evidence that "all" attacks are not working. This is only evidence that online attacks are probably not working.


People who are not Ron Paul fans think he's racist. you have only one job. illustrate to them that he is not. Period. Get every quote and every video of him saying things that counter the newsletters and spread it.


I wont say much but I have two national columnists who've contacted me today thanking me for sending them positve stuff about Ron Paul and one possible interview to illustrate why black people like his views.

I'm not sitting on my hands folks neither should you.


And the most important

And the most important thing... TALK TO PEOPLE. The real world still operates on the human Internet, aka "talking".

I have a fought back the best

I have a fought back the best I can with comments on various news sites, forums, etc.

I only worry that newspapers and TV are going to ultimately be the most effective hit pieces, and there's nothing a lot of us can do about that unless we actually live in Iowa and News Hampshire.

The active military supports Ron Paul hands down

with their wallets, does that make the military racist?


Effective refutation:"

Alan Cantwell, MD - "The mixing of AIDS facts and fallacies has long been apparent to researcher­s like myself who are convinced that HIV did not come from Mother Nature and “species jumping,” but was most likely introduced via contaminat­ed vaccine experiment­s exclusivel­y targeting the Black African and the American Gay community.­"

Ted Hayes (A BLACK LEADER): "Should job (governmen­t and private sectors) and school place intimidati­on, threats and even acts of violence upon our person, either in our streets, schools or penal systems not immediatel­y cease and desist, we must conclude that the Hispanic/L­atino La Raza movement is indeed seeking to Ethno-Raci­ally Cleanse and genocide Blacks"

Hook, line and sinker. He

Hook, line and sinker. He can't be elected, he wants Iran to have nukes. People are brainwashed by tabloid news programs. Every time i walk past a tv they're talking about him and the message is to RP supporters "well you wanted us to talk about him". Then they rip into him like I've never seen someone ripped into before. Absolutely no one defending him. Nothing fair & balanced that is for damn sure. They're like rabid starving animals upon a piece of bloody flesh. Vast majority of Americans are buying every minute of it. They are not hearing anything else. They're being trained right now like monkeys.

I said this before and I'll say it again the only way to change this is to attack their sponsors. I mean really go after them hard. Call em up and tell em why they will never buy their product again. Flood their emails, shut down their phone lines.

My only alternative hope is people are going to see this attack as so over the top they will resent the media.

Then they rip into him like

Then they rip into him like I've never seen someone ripped into before. Absolutely no one defending him. Nothing fair & balanced that is for damn sure. They're like rabid starving animals upon a piece of bloody flesh. Vast majority of Americans are buying every minute of it. They are not hearing anything else. They're being trained right now like monkeys.

It's sad, because my automatic response, knowing what I know about America, is this ^

They did this for Bush, and even Obama for a certain extent. I don't blame people so much for electing Obama... at least his many campaign promises were positive, even though a lot of us now know he was never going to end the wars, restore civil liberties, end the drug war, change washington, etc.

But the real telling thing for me is when republicans/americans voted Bush in 2004. Yes, Kerry would not have made much of a difference, but in just voting based on what they said, they chose the more evil of the two and bought into the smears and attacks by the media rather than look how how evil George Bush actually was.