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Dragon Slayers Needed for Super Brochures

Dragon Slayers for Dr. Paul raised over $12,000 in Super Brochure mailings to Iowa.

Let's keep it going for South Carolina!


There are two ways to support this program:

1. Slay a Dragon Yourself.
The first time you slay a dragon, if you agree, I will add $5 to the amount I'm donating to the Super Brochure campaign. Please understand that this program is only feasible for me if I am paying $5 once per player, so just the first dragon you kill will generate the $5. Someone asked me if it is okay to create multiple accounts to defeat the first dragon over and over. The answer is no - it would be taking money from me without permission and, while I appreciate the motivation, I don't think Dr. Paul would approve. :)

2. Spread the word.
You can generate more than $5 by finding other people to play. There are millions of potential players out there, so if we can get this to go viral, the Slay a Dragon for Ron Paul campaign could produce a steady stream of income for the Super Brochures.


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da.m you for showing me that game...lol

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” - Mark Twain

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Here's a link to Tweet about Dragon Slaying for Ron Paul:


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$3,767 in Dragon Slayings for SC!

Just bought $3,767 is Super Brochures for Horry County, South Carolina.

Nice job, dragon slayers!

Just slayed another dragon for Ron Paul...

Thanks for the great work, Alex. Thought your name seemed familiar. I played on the Outland service many, many moons ago. : )

Slew a dragon!

I did my part... you can see kromag in the list of dungeoneers for ron paul!


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