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Ron Paul - Iowa Frontrunner - On Neil Cavuto 12/23/11


Airing Date Dec.23, 2011

Ron Paul - Iowa Frontrunner - On Neil Cavuto 12/23/11

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All of Trump's call will go

All of Trump's call will go to voicemail. ;)

What a nice nice person

and a great sense of humor too..How anybody in all honesty can not like him or freedom is beyond me -Love You Ron!!

Government is supposed to protect our freedom, our property, our privacy, not invade it. Ron Paul 2007

Paul rocked it!

Great interview.

Paul ante portas.

Ron Will Take Trump's Call

You can call me, but I won't call you....

A nice twist on "Don't call me, I'll call you"... :)

Thanks To Iowa's Governor !

For insulting his constitutients! THanks to the media!
For insulting Iowans! Oh no you don't they say!
Merry Christmas-
PS Donald, the insider democrat got handed a casino for the fake birther thing. I hear lots of funny money is washed in casinos. Sorry Donald, no one wanted to lower themselves and attend your side show "debate". What a joke.

our freedom war cry should be...

"let them eat crow"

Oh, Hello, Donald...Yea, This Is Ron Paul. Do You Need Some

advice? Yea, Donald, there is no hard feelings..No, no...Oh, your not going to run as a republican..Oh, ok...I'll tell my supporters that you love them and want their support when you run as an independent. But, Donald, I must tell you, they may not be very enthusiastic. Well, Donald, Rememeber, you told them I had zero chance of winning..Yea, yea, that was before Iowa. Yea, well Donald I'm going to win N.H. too. That's right!

Well, I gotta go Donald...Yea, sure, no hard feelings Donald..No, No, when I'm in the White House, yea, yea, sure Donald, I'll consider you for an invite, sure..

Yea, you can come to the swearing in ceremony...and yea you can leave, I'll send some secret service agents to make sure you find you way out...

bye, bye, now, see ya when I'm out of office in 9 years...

Niel is great

That CNN chick should take notes on how to ask those questions respectfully.

Good job RP.

Good job RP.

Ron should just hold a press

Ron should just hold a press conference tomorrow. 5 minutes describing why he would have been negligent 20 years ago--basically an expanded response of what he said in this interview.

then he should spend 30 seconds to make a formal apology for his negligence. i think one thing people don't like about this issue is that there is no record of a formal apology that i'm aware of.

do it tomorrow, the press can deal with it tomorrow afternoon/evening....christmas and boxing day run their course, and it's soon forgotten. in a way, this attack that we all saw coming for months now, has come at a really opportune moment....i would have expected it to happen after christmas, or maybe 2 weeks ago. the christmas break of 2-3 days can really help wipe this out of the headlines--and a formal apology from dr. paul will cement some closure on the issue for everyone and help that process run its course


Working for the Remnant means working in impenetrable darkness; and this, I should say, is just the condition calculated most effectively to pique the interest of any prophet who is properly gifted with the imagination, insight and intellect


Cuz no one except us and the MSM is really paying attention to it. Everyone else is focused on the holidays. This is evident to me because of all the phone calls I've made, not one person has mentioned it. And they've had plenty of opportunity to do so.

The Gov. Brandt question and Paul's pitch-perfect response and

analysis which led to the conclusion that these kinds of bizarre attacks only boost his campaign financing really got Neil's attention! He supplemented his answer to the Newsletters, sounded great, as if he'd put some more thought into it since Monday's Borger attack. [gawd, seems a lot longer ago than just Monday!]

Wouldn't be surprised if donations didn't start flowing in right after the interview. He's energized and it really showed!

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

great line...

Neocons eat crow!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

Thanks for the video!


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Ron Paul can win in NH

No one is buying CNN's racism claims this time around. It is getting tired and pathetic. People don't realize how much people in New Hampshire don't like Mittens Romney. We remember his corruption and his progressive voting record. Ron Paul will be a surprise upset.

I try not to like anyone on Fox because they shape shift so much


Neil is doing really great Ron Paul interviews lately.

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Yeah, it seems Neil's becoming a closet Revolutionary

It didn't get past me his use of the word Revolution!

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

GREAT idea below by "schoolhouse777"


A Martin Luther King, Jr. Day MONEY BOMB!!!!!!

Pretty sure that is Monday, Jan. 16th -- right in between NH and So. Carolina.

reedr3v's picture

Rather being about Gandhi or King, I'd rather

see it celebrating all peaceable revolutionaries; a different winning theme to rouse people would be "Media Bias Blowback".

Instead of creating a new

Instead of creating a new moneybomb, what about donating to the current one and move it up to 6M+ by the end of the year. Which BTW is the end of this quarter. The report to the FEC will be quite impressive once its added to what has already been raised

And I have no doubt will send the talking heads and pundits into a tailspin. lol


Only $61,000 More To Go To Hit 6 Million Money Bomb - I'm Includ

-ing 1.5 million we donated the week prior to the 4 million money bomb. I don't recall the exact amount they took in the first time. I think it was over 1.5? If it was then we will be over the 6 million mark even sooner. Good Job everyone! I say leave the donation ticker up and when they announce another Money Bomb, put the counter back to zero and start over. This way donations can continue to come in 24 hours a day.


Really great interview

I loved his responses!! What the heck are they going to do if we keep winning? Hopefully people still do their own research and find out about Dr. Paul for themselves. I was just reading his manifesto today and I just so happened to come across the page where he explains his positions on racism. Not perfect, but pure as the driven snow.

" But I must say tonite that I know that justice is indivisible- injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

It would be good to see a

It would be good to see a longer in depth interview by Cavuto. It's obvious he has respect for RP, and RP responds to that. You don't get a sense of hidden agendas with NC, he's being a true professional.

This space available

Much Better!

They're gonna keep asking about them it's what they do. How many times have they asked the 3rd party question..GEEZ! You can't walk off, even though some may think it's justified. This answer was gracious calm and to the point. This smear tactic be used to benifit us, and RP did a great job of turning the tables on the question this time. Talking about civil liberties, having the most minority support etc. I also liked that he brought up the volumous amount of published articles that have appeard in 25+ years of publication. Great point RP we're talking about a few sentences out thousands and thousands of articles here. Certainly there would be more evidence than that that he's this raving right wing neo-nazi. Keep answering the question RP you can turn this into your benefit by directing it back to YOUR message of liberty.

Great Job Ron & Smart to Mention Donations Have Increased

First time I have heard him mention the word donations. The more they hear he is receiving donations the more people will seek his website out and hopefully donate once they read his Restore America Plan. ( :


Q4 fundraising hint

Anyone picked that up starting at 2:52? Paul is hinting at a good fundraising quarter. Will you guys hit it above 20 million?

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THe Boss

In the end, talking about Trump - "I'd be glad to take his call" - The Boss

Love the ending

"If he (Trump) wants to converse, I will take the call".

Great interview

I'm so happy with the way Ron Paul is conducting his interviews. He's acting likeable. I love it.


Thanks for posting.

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