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BRING IT ON TSA! Bring it on. ;)

So this was me at the airport today: a walking Ron Paul billboard. I like to take the opportunity to discuss liberty and our Constitution with my fellow travelers, airline personnel, and of course... my favorite... TSA agents.

And yes. I left some Ron Paul Super Brochures at the TSA sexual assault station for the next victims... got to educate a good number of folks along the way! ;)

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Hey if anyone sees this guy in the airport tomorrow...

Come say hi!! I can hook you up w/ more RP super brochures if ya need 'em too! :-D

God bless you-what a

God bless you-what a wonderful Christmas gift you have given to the folks at the airport who haven't been previously given a good chance to hear about Ron Paul.

THANKS! :) I do what I can!!

I literally just came back from a bar w/ my bro and I handed out several RP brochures... PLUS whenever I leave a tip, I leave either the newer Ron Paul "Tip Cards" OR the "Tax Free Tip" cards from the libertarian website. Either way, it comes w/ a big fat "tip" ("gift") as well as a Ron Paul Super Brochure. ;)

I'm not f*cking around. :-D


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Nice. Face time is how we win.

Ps: a supply of pocket Constitutions to give has aided me through the years. I won't leave home without 'em.

Undo what Wilson did

I got scatter scanned in Chicago recently.

Made me want to punch the TSA people.


Those scans are voluntary. Simply opt out. I have opted out before, and by remaining calm and emphasizing my health concerns, it was no problem.


NEVER go into the Cancer/Porno machines! Short version: they are voluntary. They will absolutely increase your risk of cancer, AND send naked pictures of you throughout the TSA.

Janet Napolitano (the evil "Napolitano", diametrically opposed to The Judge) has already admitted to the above.

ALWAYS OPT OUT! and make them sexually assault you in public! While wearing your Ron Paul gear!! Then educate them (politely) while you're there... you'd be surprised how many TSA converts you get!!! While acting as a real, 3D billboard for Ron Paul and LIBERTY!!

Also, be sure to leave some Ron Paul Super Brochures on the chairs they have there for their next victims! :-D

what a horrible choice they force you to make

either have your DNA radiated, or have your private property touched by a TSA monkey.


I got a thumbs up from a TSA agent in Louisville

A TSA agent in Louisville one month ago gave me a thumbs up for my Ron Paul shirt and said, "I love your shirt." You never know what can happen. :-)

then 2 questions

1) Are you registered Republican?

2) Are you going to take friends to the primary voting?

HELLS YES!! Times x2!!

Not only did I register Republican (almost threw up out of anger but managed to pull through), but I've been converting friends and COMPLETE STRANGERS left and right!! I now only go out in public with Ron Paul gear on AND some Ron Paul Super Brochures handy!! :-D



i understand that feeling.

i know how it feels to be "registered" as something you actually hate. after the election, we can be done with it.



are violating the independent thinking laws

The official uniform...

of the Ron Paul Army. :)

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~


Border patrol would be Army? and anything on water, Navy, but that does not exclude the Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard and Special Forces. ;))

Share this with them...


The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. - Heinlein

Nice hoodie...

Where did you get it?

RonPaul2012.com baby!! BOOM!!!!

Just go to the campaign website, www.RonPaul2012.com, and click on "Store", then buy all kinds of sh*t!! It counts as campaign donations!! I've been out of control recently... I mean, really. WOW. I no longer do the math to add up how much I've spent for him. ;) I told my spouse that I want to get to the point where I NEVER have to go outside without some kind of Ron Paul clothing on!! ;)

RON PAUL 2012!!! BOOM!!!!!!!

Nice work!

Nice work!

TSA sexual assault station for the next victims

I just peed my pants!


Glad I could help ya out there! ;) and you know what?? that's probably a GREAT idea!! If you're a REALLY dedicated supporter of liberty then when they're sexually assaulting you... just pee your pants! Teach 'em a lesson! ;)

I flew from lax to den two

I flew from lax to den two days ago with my rp shirt on. I was not actively preaching to anyone. I got dabbed off by three civilians, one air force captain, one cop, and one tsa agent. I am only wearing rp gear from now on.


OK, so what does "dabbed off" mean? I hope that is a good thing!

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

Lol basically it was people

Lol basically it was people saying "Ron Paul!" "give my five!" "pound it out" "that's my man Ron Paul" all good, supportive, stuff.

I have that hoodie

I just start grabbing my own junk in line at the airport so that they know I've got myself covered already.

I haven't flown since the tsa b.s.

I just want to get my pilots license and maybe before I fly I can just frisk myself lol.

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I won't fly since they did

I won't fly since they did that, either. I would be setting myself up to have a stroke. At least we now know that some of these TSA workers are our friends, and that means something.

I just went to Mexico

On 12/2/11, my wife and I went to Mexico for a vacation. We flew out of O'Hare. We got bad advice (actually no advice) from our travel agent on What we could carry on with us. They started setting aside all kinds of liquids my wife was carrying on in her bag which held toiletries/cosmetics/meds, etc. The TSA agent suggested we check in that bag which I did. As I came back through the groping station, that same agent was standing there. I'm wearing a Ron Paul t-shirt that said "Who is this man? And why is he trying to save my country?" with a drawing of Ron Paul. The TSA agent was laughing at my shirt when he saw me. I thought I would certainly get hauled in to a private room for a cavity search.

Then he spoke.

"Ron Paul! I love that guy!"

Yes. It's true. TSA agents are actually dumb slobs like the rest of us. I asked him why he would say it when he knew that Dr. Paul was looking at his job as one to eliminate. The guy was quite intelligent and rather care fre. "I know." He said. "I don't make the rules. I'm just doing what I'm told. He eliminates the TSA...I'll get hired by whoever provides airport security. I've got experience doing this. Not everybody can say that."

The guy is right. I respect that guy. He understands his role in our lives. He doesn't want to interfere . He just wants to help. He knows the TSA is looking for the needles in the haystack. It's the Joe Friday/Barney Fyfe types that scare me.

Only positive is he isn't a mindless goon. But

I could never sell out to something I so blatantly oppose. I thumbed this up though. Interesting story.