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Open Letter to Iowans

Dear Iowan Voters,

Your Governor recently said that if Dr. Ron Paul were to win the Iowa Caucus that everyone would disregard that win and focus on whoever came in second. I am not even an Iowan and this really concerns me.

His implication is that even though you choose a candidate, your will as the voter should be ignored.


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Iowa Governor is implicated in the Newsletter Scandal

"Newsletter Scandal Points to Gingrich"

As Press Secretary to Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, she led an image reformation that resulted in a +33% swing in job approval/disapproval ratings over 13 months and was named by Roll Call newspaper as one of the 50 most powerful staffers on Capitol Hill. Martin has also worked for Presidential nominee/Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole and Iowa Governor Terry Branstad.

Sounds like Iowa's Governor is a fidgety flip flopper.

The email I got back from him yesterday basically insisted that my own eyes and ears were lying to me.

That's a lot like the crap wad I have been hearing from Romney, Gingrich and Perry.

I think they all come from the same mold.

Iowa, maybe you should consider someone like Drew Ivers next time around.


I'm an Iowan voter

and I don't care what Branstad says. I'm not the only one, I'll guarantee that. I have faith that Iowans will show the nation that we don't care what anyone says. I have faith that when you turn on your tv's or get online, you'll see that Paul won the Iowa caucus in a landslide.

Our secret weapon - we're not as dumb as they think we are :)

I hope

the bias displayed will cause BLOWBACK. I suspect that Branstad's financial donors might be connected to his actions. Just a thought.
I do hope that Iowans caucus for Ron Paul in massive numbers, numbers so massive that it will rumble the corrupt in Washington, DC. Your votes matter greatly. You know it. It they didn't, this bias and manipulation wouldn't be happening.

I'm praying for you guys to make it a landslide for Ron Paul on January 3.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

messed up

the night Ron wins ... thousands of voters need to show up at the governors office with signs etc... get on the offensive and let him, Iowa, the msm, the USA know the truth.