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UNSTOPPABLE: Paul Gains 5% on Gingrich and Romney in 5 days among GOP voters, despite smears

Five days ago, on Sunday, December 18, Gallup had Iowa frontrunner Ron Paul trailing Gingrich by 18% nationally among registered GOP voters, and Romney by 14%.

Today, Gallup shows that Gingrich’s lead over Paul has shrunk to 13%, and Romney’s to the single digit range — 9%.

In other words, Ron Paul has gained 5% on both Gingrich and Romney among Republican voters nationally over the past 5 days, despite aggressive and fraudulent attempts by the Establishment media to discredit and marginalize him.

Here's a brief timeline to put it in context...


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This is uplifting! what are

This is uplifting! what are they going to do if RP gets first nationally? would a pundit say "we just take out the entire nominating process"?



The smears can be turned into

The smears can be turned into a positive by directing the voters to seek the truth about Ron Paul. That truth can be found at Congressman Ron Paul Archives: Lew Rockwell/Paul. The establishment Democrats and Republicans will continue to manufacture lies to attack Ron Paul but the truth will set everyone free! Ron's character shines through in his official records. We must remember, the GOP establishment is walking a tight rope when attacking Ron with their lies because they know they cannot win the election by turning off Ron Paul supporters. They need us at the ballot box. Karl Rove, Hannity, and others should suck it up and keep their big mouths shut if they want the Republicans to win the election.

One good thing about the smears on Ron Paul

The one good thing is that is a back door way of getting media attention. It seems that with all the advances in technology, MOST people still get info on candidates from the media, mostly television.

Gingrich calling us drug addicts, Ron Paul being called a racist, these at least get us attention, and once you pay attention to Ron Paul, you really start to get interested.

That video clip of him and Giuliani at the debate years ago was meant to be a smear, Faux was all "look at this weird guy," but look what happened.

South Carolina- Fed Gov't changes voting rules on Friday 12/23

What is going on here?? Is this a smokescreen and there is another motivation besides allowing everyone to vote without any identification what so ever?? Just curious! My friend lives in SC and shot me the story this morning, the first time in 20 yrs. they have changed this format. Just trying to watch everything and make sure it is on the up and up!!!!!

Ron Paul 2012

Interesting Read!


This link

My only comment is: the page this links to has conspiracy links all over it. I don't think that is helpful to Dr. Paul, but do what you want.

Matthew Edward Hayward

Only Paul and Romney are on the Virginia Ballot

Don't know if someone posted this already. I saw it at Lew Rockwell. Every other candidate besides Paul and Romney failed to get on the Virginia ballot.

Gingrich, Perry, Bachman, Santorum did not submit the needed 10,000 signatures and will not compete in Virginia. Why should anyone vote for a candidate who will not even be on the ballot of a key Super Tuesday swing state? I really hope South Carolinians especially ask themselves the same question, as that's the place Gingrich had the best shot at winning.

It's beginning to look more like Ron Paul vs Mitt Romney. In the south that should be a big help for Paul.


“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.” William Pitt

In your face CNN!

In your face CNN!

The key phrase in this is

The key phrase in this is "likely GOP" voters. We know Dr. Paul's appeal goes way beyond that base. This is extremely encouraging to us. So, if 13% of likely GOP voters are on board now (very close to the 15% or 16% tipping point), you know that he is in an almost dead heat (or quite possibly ahead of) with his rivals among ALL likely voters. Stronger and stronger, despite the egregious attacks of late.

I disagree. During 2008 in

I disagree.
During 2008 in Iowa he was polling at 3-5% with likely GOP voters and his actual result was 10%. At most when you throw in independents and democrats he gains about 5-7%. But that was Iowa, the state where it probably has the greatest effect.

There is still a LOT of work to do, don't get complacent. Believe the poll numbers they were all fairly accurate last time despite RP supporters claiming otherwise.


This is great news! However our work is far from done keep that fire inside you burning, this battle is far from over, we can rest on Dr. Paul's inauguration day!

The average American

The average American absolutely HATES when the media plays the race card. This completely backfired on them and exposed more people to Ron Paul that did not know who he was and just educated themselves on Youtube and Google.
It also confirmed he is a real threat, that he IS electable and that the media despises him and now people want to know why.
For them to play the race card on some flimsy 20 year straw grab like this was pretty weak. Usually there is some audio or video but this desperate Newsletter he already told you he did not write??

people are still getting more

people are still getting more conscious, and it's only going uphill from here. everyone knows the media is tied into the corruption within our political system, and will no longer be fooled by it.

I think it shows

that Paul has solid support, and that there are people who are moving toward him that aren't going to be swayed by the media attacks.

There could be some delayed effects of the smears that cut into RP a bit, but so far it looks like the attackers didn't get the effect they wanted.

I think that once a person gets to being a Paul supporter, they know what the media is, and so the media doesn't have effect.

After Iowa and New Hamshire

That is, after Gingrich gets completely slaughtered, don't you think his empty house of cards will have fallen?

Let's hope

I don't know if we're totally out of the woods with him yet considering that the media was able to catapult him from low single digits to 40%+ "frontrunner" in what, a week or two's time? Then again, it seems like he didn't stand up well to scrutiny, so maybe voters have moved on, or are in the process of it.

Yes and no

Yes and no

Did this Poll include Gary Johnson as a choice? If it didn't, Paul's increase might have just came from his supporters.

Also, what is the losses/gains for other candidates? I think an analysis of all the candidates' changes is more important than just doing this for the top 3. We need to get all the facts to deduce what really happened. The info doesn't prove the losses of Romney and Gingrich went to Paul.

Modern math?

How do you get a 5% increase from supporters of a guy who has been polling about 1%?

Trust me, the smears are backfiring and Ron Paul is surging. Wait and see what really happens in Iowa.

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Well, Johnson does poll

Well, Johnson does poll between 1-2%, which would account for 50% of Paul's bump if Gary Johnson was out of the race already when this poll was taken.

In any case, this is not bad news. Let's hope we can make this a 3-way tie soon.

A calculator for Christmas?

I know what Santa needs to bring you - a calculator! LOL

Half of 1.5 does not come close to half of 5.

Now if you were to add that .75 to the 2% both Grinch and Robamney lost, you might have something.

Hey - just joshing with you here, you're a great supporter.

Three way tie? I think that the Grinch is imploding and after IA and NH he will be pretty much finished. I am looking to climb into that two-way tie. When that happens and the others have dropped by the wayside, the mainstream talking heads and GOP establishment may have no choice but to embrace Ron Paul as the anti-Romney. If not, they will show their true colors by rejecting a true Constitutional conservative in favor of an Obama liberal clone just because he will continue the corporate cronyism and warmongering.

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1.5% is half of 3%.

That's all Paul gained while the others lost 2%. It's incorrect to say Paul gained 5%, it was 3%.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Wrong - 3 plus 2 equals 5

Ron Paul went up 3% while Romney and Gingrich each lost 2%. 3 plus 3 equals 5 and Ron Paul is now 5% closer to those two rivals. Thus it is entirely correct to say that Ron Paul gained 5%.

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Gingrich: -2%
Romney: -2%
Paul: +3%
Bachmann: -1%
Santorum: -1%
Hustman: -1%
Perry: +2%
"Other" (Johnson?): +1%

The 5% swing did not come from Johnson. (I already showed you this same data a few minutes ago.)

Also, the poll was conducted between 12/18 and 12/22 (csv file) . Johnson didn't announce he was dropping out until the 20th I don't think, and that news takes times to travel. Probably why the percentage for "other" (predominantly Johnson I assume) did not go down.

Romney and Gingrich lost 4%, collectively.

The Gallup data and screen shots are right in the article

Between 12/18 and 12/23...

Gingrich: -2%
Romney: -2%
Paul: +3%
Bachmann: -1%
Santorum: -1%
Hustman: -1%
Perry: +2%
"Other" (Johnson?): +1%

When can we EVER tell exactly what happened, whose losses went where, and which factors played how big of a role in the shifts? We can't.

What we do know for a fact is that the lead of both Gingrich and Romney over Paul among GOP voters nationwide has shrunk by 5% in the past 5 days according to Gallup.

Ahh, thanks. I didn't see

Ahh, thanks. I didn't see this. I must have missed it.