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Ron Paul Super Brochure, Iowa Precinct Mailing - Video!

The Iowa mailing of the Super Brochure wrapped up on December 12. Here is video of the operation as it was taking place! Not only do you see your money hard at work, but the immensity of the project itself, and the sheer numbers of people being reached with Ron Paul's message.


The people getting these brochures are not like you and me, combing the internet and the Daily Paul all day long for the latest, most detailed information on Ron Paul. In other words, they're normal people, lol. To them, the brochure acts as counter balance to the nonstop stream of misinformation coming through the TV. Because is delivered directly to into their homes via the U.S. Mail, it is especially effective with older voters - exactly the demographic Ron Paul needs help reaching.

The Iowa mailing is done, and mailings are now going out to South Carolina, but the deadline is in 5 days! You can contribute to that effort at RonPaulBrochure.com

Please help spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, email, and the good old fashioned telephone, or by adding this dynamic ticker to your blog or website:

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Fabulous job!! I love it... Lets keep it goin, What can I do NJ ? anything yet with these brochures?

50% Already!...Holy Smokes, You Guys Are Awesome!

Wow...We are moving like grease lighting...Ha!

RP Super Brochure's picture

We are doing this

Please keep spreading the word!


Michael Nystrom's picture

50% is 143,176

Can we make it by tonight? What do you guys think? We really need to reach out to other supporters the old fashioned way and let them know about this.

Call them up and don't let them go until they buy a precinct!

He's the man.

What's going on with 'Chip In'?

Look at where we were this morning, as compared to now. We had 32 of 46 counties left to go, and now we're down to 21, and it's not even 5pm on the pacific coast. We almost have enough in 'Chip In' to finish buying Charleston county.

Marion County has one more precinct at just over $50. Who's taking it? :-)
Georgetown has 4 precincts at $275.00

Look at these earlier stats. (Copied and pasted)
Running totals mailed to South Carolina:

12/26/11 - 78,819 - 8:45 am + 27,084
12/23/11 - 51,735 - 8:30 am + 7,414
12/22/11 - 44,321 - 10:00am + 5,343
12/21/11 - 38,978 - 9:00am + 4,940
12/20/11 - 34,038 - 10:00am + 12,019
12/19/11 - 22,019 - 9:00 am

We have come a long way in 6 hours today! :-)

If you feel the need to finish a few counties, here are 5 that are under $1,000.

McCormick - 1 Precinct left - $15.40
Calhoun - 2 Precincts left - $163.35
Marion - 4 Precincts left - $256.85
Edgefield - 5 Precincts left - $314.05
Saluda - 14 Precincts left - $961.95

Around 8am EST this morning, we had 32 of 46 South Carolina counties finished. Now, it's 26 of 46 completed. Thank you to all that helped finish these counties. This is where they were at this morning! Awesome.

Union - 15 Precincts left - $481.25
Clarendon - 14 Precincts left - $769.45
Colleton - 21 Precincts left - $859.10
Cherokee - 16 Precincts left - $1,746.80
Aiken - 25 Precincts left - $2,775.85 - (10th Highest Population)
Oconee - 20 Precincts left - $3,114.65

Now, 24 of 46 have been completed. 10 counties finished today!

Awesome job everyone. Keep letting people know about this on Facebook at the Ron Paul & Ron Paul 2012 pages, and to your friends as well.

Check out some of the counties that have been finished since this morning.

McCormick - 1 Precinct left - $15.40 (There seems to be a problem with the last precinct not being able to be removed yet.)
Calhoun - 2 Precincts left - $163.35
Union - 15 Precincts left - $481.25
Clarendon - 14 Precincts left - $769.45
Colleton - 21 Precincts left - $859.10
Saluda - 14 Precincts left - $961.95
Newberry - 22 Precincs left - $1,313.40
Cherokee - 16 Precincts left - $1,746.80
Aiken - 25 Precincts left - $2,775.85 - (10th Highest Population)
Oconee - 20 Precincts left - $3,114.65

McCormick and Calhoun are

McCormick and Calhoun are gone, done, kaput, nailed and MAILED!

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Call everyone, we can do this.

If we all call our friends and ask them to buy a percent in S.C., WE CN DO THIS!!!

So excited. We can get a 2nd in S.C., who knows, maybe a first place.

Lets hurry and get these into peoples hands in SC soon. The more time they have the more time they can spread the news with others.

Thank you all for going all out with this.

Gosh, so excited for RP it gets hard to type.


Ron Paul & Ron Paul 2012 pages on Facebook.

Keep letting them know about this today. We are under $100,000 to complete South Carolina. Unofficial MoneyBomb through Thursday, Dec. 29th.

We ain't sleeping until we win. I want to see Ron Paul win big in all 3 of the first states for sure. I want to leave NO DOUBT that it indeed "Can not be said that we did nothing!"

I'm plastering facebook

It's what I did for Christmas;p

Support Liberty Media! http://benswann.com/ - http://www.bluerepublican.org/ - http://krisannehall.com/ - http://lionsofliberty.com/

We won't turn things around until we 1st change the media - donate to a liberty media creator today!

Is McCormick done?

An error message keeps popping up for McCormick.

Is that county done?

2 Chron 7:13-14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

RP Super Brochure's picture

There is one left

What is left is one for $15.40 called: Clarks Hill with 28 Super Voters.

Thank you GodFreeUs

Keep getting an error message

Hi Eric,

It has an error message when I try to buy this one....can you fix it?

2 Chron 7:13-14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

RP Super Brochure's picture

All fixed. It has been purchased

It was an issue with the name.
Thank you,

-Super Brochure

Veterans and Active Duty Military, Please Target......

Charleston and Berkeley Counties.

These is a strong military presence in these 2 counties and the added credentials could prove once and for all that a vote for Ron Paul is in support of the troops.

Curt has agreed to change the name of mine to highlight that I am a veteran!

Someone just purchased the rest of 3 big counties? Wow!

Clarendon - 14 Precincts left - $769.45
Colleton - 21 Precincts left - $859.10
Oconee - 20 Precincts left - $3,114.65

This is where these counties were at just about 4 hours ago. Wow!

Thank you Mr. or Mrs. Verygenerousdonor!


There are 31 counties left.


Make that 29.

A few other helpful ideas to help spread this message.

I think some might have their Credit Cards on ice at the moment after Christmas spending! :-)

So, here are a few other ways to consider getting the word out this week. Let's get an unofficial 'Chip In' Money Bomb for South Carolina going this week, from today until Thur., Dec. 29th.

We are really just over $100,000 away from finishing South Carolina. How awesome would it be to turn South Carolina away from Newt or Mitt?
Consider if Ron Paul wins the first 3 states in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina! Could it be drop outs for the rest of the RINO's? How sweet would that be?
Consider that in 2008, only around 120,000 people showed up to vote. We sent over 440,000 Super Brochures to Iowa Republican & Independent Super Voters. Consider if even half of those folks show up to vote for Ron Paul, and he crushes it in Iowa! :-)

On Facebook, search for State Newspapers & Universities on Facebook that show a lot people, and hopefully a lot of people 'Talking About' that page. Anything in New Hampshire or South Carolina that has many people going to it's page, 'Like' it, and send some LOVE from the rEVOLution.
Maybe direct them to www.dailypaul.com, and tell them a little about this project. Leave a "Friendly" Ron Paul YouTube video, letting them know more about Ron Paul.
(Maybe preferrably a video from the brochure.)

On Facebook, on the Ron Paul page, or Ron Paul 2012 page, let them know about this too.

Keep the message going!

Dates on back of brochure shown on your website

are incorrect...I'm sure brochures that are going out have been corrected??

RP Super Brochure's picture

Which dates are incorrect?

Which dates are incorrect?

On your website, click on the brochure where it says

Click to Enlarge, look at the second page, bottom right: Iowa: Jan 21, etc for NH and SC..but this must be an old copy you put up?

RP Super Brochure's picture

YEs, it is an old copy. We will switch

It out with the current correct copy. Thank you,


Great. You guys are unbelievable

and so inspiring!!!!!!

Thank you a hundred times over.

I have an idea!

How about we use the money from the moneybomb and we add that into the New Hampshire and South Carolina brochuring! We totally have enough money for completing both states right away and confirming victory! ANYONE ELSE AGREE??!!

Jackie, The Unsung Hero

Jackie, the unsung hero and power behind the throne. Thank you for all of your hard work. The SB is fantastic!

Jackie's facebook profile for SupreBrochure. Let's THANK her

for her awesome work, support.

Flood IOWA, Saturate Iowa, WIN Iowa with superBrochures: http://superbrochure.com/

Hope this helps! :-)

South Carolina has 46 counties. 14 finished, 32 left to go.

The next GOP debates in South Carolina, will be hosted in Horry & Charleston counties.
Horry - 93 Precincts left - $7,825.95 - (5th Highest Population)
Charleston - 68 Precincts left - $6,081.35 - (3rd Highest Population)

Fairfield - FINISHED!!!
Hampton - FINISHED!!!
Williamsburg - FINISHED!!!

McCormick - 1 Precinct left - $15.40
Marion - 5 Precincts left - $301.95
Calhoun - 5 Precincts left - $382.25
Union - 15 Precincts left - $481.25

Clarendon - 14 Precincts left - $769.45
Edgefield - 10 Precincts left - $832.70
Colleton - 21 Precincts left - $859.10
Saluda - 15 Precincts left - $981.75

Newberry - 22 Precincs left - $1,313.40
Georgetown - 14 Precincts left - $1,345.30
Orangeburg - 31 Precincts left - $1,579.60
Laurens - 25 Precincts left - $1,619.75
Sumter - 26 Precincts left - $1,643.95
Darlington - 26 Precincts left - $1,680.25
Cherokee - 16 Precincts left - $1,746.80

Greenwood - 30 Precincts left - $2,168.10
Aiken - 25 Precincts left - $2,775.85 - (10th Highest Population)
Florence - 30 Precincts left - $2,884.20
Kershaw - 28 Precincts left - $2,979.35

Oconee - 20 Precincts left - $3,114.65
Dorchester - 63 Precincts left - $3,994.10

Beaufort - 59 Precincts left - $4368.65
Pickens - 41 Precincts left - $4764.65
York - 55 Precincts left - $4,933.50 - (8th Highest Population)

Berkeley - 49 Precincts left - $5736.50 - (9th Highest Population)

Anderson - 61 Precincts left - $7020.20 - (7th Highest Population)
Richland - 75 Precincts left - $8,165.85 - (2nd Highest Population)
Spartanburg - 63 Precincts left - $9,501.25 - (4th Highest Population)
Greenville - 63 Precincts left - $10,459.35 - (1st Highest Population)
Lexington - 77 Precincts left - $11,816.75 - (6th Highest Population)

Love it!

Sent some to SC!