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CNN has released the unedited interview. Ron Paul DID NOT STORM out. It was a creative editing HIT JOB!


Ron Paul did not walk/storm out... the interview was over... it was an EIGHT MINUTE INTERVIEW!!


CNN Just released the unedited full interview here, see for your self.


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I was also kicked off Tea Party Nation

For responding to the Newsletter Smear at TPN. The admin Vern Shotwell kicked me off, supposedly for attacking people when I was just calling posters to task for publishing unsubstantiated rumors. Judson Phillips, who writes much of the material, is a Mark Levin Neocon and unashamed of referring to followers of Ron Paul as the Pauliban. That's one sick site.

There is at least one positive

in this attempted character-assasination of RP:

This whole incident of collusion against RP can be used very effectively as a teaching tool to show the validity of "conspiracy theories" when people attempt to use the term in derision against those (like many people on the DP) who know it happens quite frequently and certainly more frequently than the general public and obscurantists would like to admit.

This incident was (and remains), for all intents and purposes, a conspiracy against the good doctor and what he represents.

"For having lived long, I have experienced many instances of being obliged, by better information or fuller consideration, to change opinions, even on important subjects, which I once thought right but found to be otherwise." - Benjamin Franklin

The Nation: Why Do GOP Bosses Fear Ron Paul?

Good article by John Nichols in the Nation describes who is scared by Ron Paul in the Republican party:


Paul is being smeared by the neocon war party (Weekly Standard, Jonah Goldberg, Limbaugh and others). Borger’s ‘this is our job’ pretense is a hypocritical attempt to divert from the smear campaign. Prominent neocons with close political affiliations with Newt Gingrich are using racism as an excuse to get Paul out of the way because they want more wars. James Kirchick is a fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, which is aggressively lobbying for war with Iran. Joseph Kirchick played a role in preventing Ron Paul from participating in the Republican Presidential Candidates Forum. Wikipedia states FDD’s Leadership Council includes among others, Bill Kristol, Joseph Lieberman, and Newt Gingrich.

Gloria Borger did a similar hit job on Pat Buchanan when he spoke out in opposition to the war in Iraq,
http://newsbusters.org/people/television/gloria-borger "CNN's Gloria Borger has been covering Newt Gingrich for decades."

Newt’s jumping on the bandwagon shows his participation no doubt as a tool along with the coordinated efforts of his cronies to attack Ron Paul.

just send them here

tea party nation censorship guards their Ron Paul Racism attack

I have engaged with Judson Phillips and Tea party nation members for hours defending Ron Paul on a terrible racism piece.

Well, I was obviously winning because Phillips suspended me for daring to disagree with him and point out his hypocrisy. He was upset that I "attacked" him by saying he was issuing propaganda and tripe. I then avoided that language at his request and challeged him to respond to very direct questions. He kicked me off over the following comment that I reposted three times and he deleted each time.
He was calling us names and then had the nerve to whine about being "attacked".

Please go there and point out his hypocrisy!

" So Mr. Phillips, this is the question: do you think we should preemptively attack Iran to prevent the, from having a nuke? Does that make us safer?

I am looking forward to you non-attack based response to this "misinformed Pauliban Ronbot"!"

This needs to get out there

This is the 2008 interview on CNN


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Dr. Paul's last comment, as he walked away,...

"I understand how the system works".

We, the people also understand how it works, Ms. Borger.

Borger, herself, stated that they, "have to ask those questions."

She has to ask those questions if she wants to keep her job. Or, even have a job. She understands that for her husband to keep his military industrial complex contracts she MUST also ask these questions.

It works aganist them. They become traitors to the truth for the American people.

Its her bed to sleep in...

The people know the truth. 99 to 1!

Who does she think she is fooling?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Ron Paul Quote

"If they want to endorse me, they're endorsing what I do or say - it has nothing to do with [my] endorsing what they say,"

We can assume it wasn' t a 30 min interview

The format of him standing there and the camera lazily going back and forth makes this look either improptu or it's known it's a short interview. I doubt RP's team would agree to something done in this whimsical format if they knew it was a 30 min interview. She's looking for soundbites.

Currently on Drudge


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How do we know

that the interview "was over" at the 8 and a half minute mark? I'd love to run with this, but how does this video prove that he did not cut the interview short? How do we know she wasn't scheduled to talk with him for 30 minutes and he decided to leave after 8 and a half?

Tom don't you think that after being asked the

same question three times it becomes pretty apparent what her motives were ? She wasn't being intelligent or articulate, she was looking for dirt that doesn't exist. It was completely disingenuous and contrived. Glad Ron took a walk, serves her sorry ass right. And she is a sorry ass BTW...

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

Looked like an ambush

I think she just ambushed him with a camera and requested an interview.

Have you ever

seen a thirty minute stand-up interview?

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Progress is precisely that which the rules and regulations did not foresee. - Ludwig Von Mises.

Not sure this story is real

How hard would it be for an opponent of Dr. Paul to:

Find an obscure newsletter
Then take out a few sentences
And replace them with thoughts of inferior minds
Finally, report it to the press a month before primary as "gospel"

Even, if the truth is revealed--the presidential bid will over.

Ex. Rather gate

This will play very well on

This will play very well on the right and in places like South Carolina, where they hate CNN for liberal bias anyway. Might be a boost for Dr. Paul.

Well, if the CNN thing doesn't work out...

Gloria can always get a job on "Rock Bottom"


Great video on Israel saying we dont need the US!!!

I saw this on ronpaulforums.com http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?341673-Yeee-Hawww!-I-converted-a-preacher-to-Ron-Paul! Another person converted and great video on RP foreign Policy!!




this line explains all there is to know about mizz Borger:

"Borger cites her religion as Jewish. Borger lives in Washington, D.C. with her husband, Lance Morgan, a lobbyist who works for Powell Tate and their two sons."



Your comment can be portrayed by Ron's opponents as "Ron Paul's supporters are jew-hating racists" in exactly the same way the original newsletter text can be portrayed as "Ron Paul is a black-hating racist".

And thanks to the timing of your posting - immediately before the site was switched to read-only for the holiday - nobody else could call you on it. Just as the "CNN edited up a smear" story was breaking it sat there for a day and a half as the first post visible on that story. So that's what everyone who took advantage of the holiday to research the candidates, and ended up here, got to see. I bet there were a lot of them in Iowa and New Hampshire.

With a response commenting on yours, or even other responses pushing it down, it could be dismissed as an outlier - that, of course, some of Ron's positions would attract the occasional racist. But with it stuck prominently at the top with no responses to it, it makes the rest of us look like we're in complete agreement. People all over the country, on vacation and hunting for information, got to see us ALL as a collection of antisemites who would let that stand unopposed.

If Ron doesn't win the nomination, your post is my nomination for the biggest contributing factor.

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

sorry dude, but being

sorry dude, but being european i'm not so indoctriated as to fear the R or AS words as much as you do to the point of not writing something that apparently can be interpreted in a certain way. i actually wanted to edit it to add what her husband was doing in the Congress (which is lobby for the Iran war spending, and previously worked for a democrat) but it wasn't possible anymore.

the truth is the same though.


Who's the REAL "Dude"?

You sure are a "target". Claiming to be a "european".
Meanwhile knowing (I would hope) that Europe has seen a rise in Anti-Semitic "behavior" ....
....Yeah, That's the perceptions that ARE "out there".
Most Euro's would be aware of this.
Or are you just using this "Euro" label as an "excuse" for being ignorant?
Get your helmet on and get into the game son.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

your point being? there 1000

your point being?
there 1000 reasons for what's happening (that rise "out there") in Europe (van Rompuy, Barroso, the GS unelected PM's in Italy and Greece, the fact that my country is forced to pay for the Internationalist Marxist Gulag that is the EURO-Zone bailouts despite us not being part of it, Ed Milliband, Anneta Kahane, Barbara Spectre, etc)
sad to see the conditioning has been so thorough in the US.


you should research Max Horkheimer and maybe wake up.


Wishful thinking. Chill out,

Wishful thinking. Chill out, you've got that tin foil hat on too tight.

That newsletter

Has anybody actually published a copy of any actual newsletter and pointed out the "racist" parts? All I've heard about it so far is that there's some kind of nebulous, ephemeral document out there somewhere like Obama's birth certificate or the Congressional declaration of war against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, "terrorists," "anybody who we think might be harboring terrorists," or "drugs."

Freedom is my Worship Word!

i love when she says" are you

i love when she says" are you gonna give the money back?" and he says to who? lmao. so stupid! he made her feel so stupid ya'll, especially when he was talking about attacking countries. guys please stop saying he messed up for walking out, no he didnt! how many times you gonna ask the same question? she has no facts, nothing

juan maldonado

CNN makes its money from WAR

CNN makes its money from WAR and sensationalism. It is Gloria who should be giving her money back. To whom? How about, for starters, to all of the families who have been torn apart in the US and abroad through these unconstitutional, unending and senseless wars.

Ron should have asked Gloria if she was going to

give her salary for the month back to CNN for conducting a ludicrous, ridiculous interview.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

I think Ron Paul's response would be even stronger, if

he actually grabbed what he knew they were throwing at him, state in more detail than good old Gloria with her "incendiary", say those statements were horrible, I am not a racist, anybody who knows me including my enemies know that I am not a racist...and then the rest of what he's been saying, it was an economics journal, those statements were less than 1% (less than 1/10th of one percent), I did not become aware of them until 10 years after the fact, why don't you look at the CNN interview I did two days ago or the one 3 years ago with Wolf Blitzer on CNN...give money back for advising people to buy gold before the economic collapse?...those statement were not representative of me or the newsletter for that matter...I was the Publisher and those statements got passed me 22 years ago...When I became aware of them as I have stated to CNN many, many times I did not write them, I disavow them...And we supporters need to know how to answer this too when we encounter the inevitable sleeper who gets his/her news from MSM. And don't forget a referral to Tmot. This is just the beginning. Let us stay strong, keep a sense of humor. Grab any challenge - and there will be many - address it directly and when possible use humor. Have confidence and faith, the Truth wins! RON PAUL 2012!