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Ron Paul Is The 2nd Most Popular GOP Candidate On Facebook (And He’s Gaining)

I know there are lots of people out there who have passionate feelings about Ron Paul. He’s a principled and independent fighter for old-time American values, or a conspiracy theorist loon, or someone who let idiotic racist stuff get published in his newsletters decades ago… or whatever else it is that you see about him that makes you react.

I’m not here to take sides and tell you how to vote, I’m just writing this article to point out that he’s been gaining the most new Facebook fans every day for most of the past month. He’s now the second-most popular candidate behind Mitt Romney (and Democratic incumbent Barack Obama, of course), according to the Inside Facebook Election Tracker.

Paul currently has 655,000 fans, half of Romney’s 1.23 million, and a fraction of Obama’s 24.3 million, but he’s well ahead of third-place primary candidate Michele Bachmann. Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich, who has appeared at many points in recent weeks to be Romney’s main Republican challenger, has had pretty minimal growth.


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More fb pages?

I'd wager that Ron Paul has more facebook fan pages devoted to him than any other candidate does. There are tons of unofficial pages that individuals or groups have posted on their own, independent of the campaign.

I even started one of my own (see link in my sig).

Just because people dont type

Just because people dont type in Ron Pauls name on facebook and like his page doesn't mean he's not the most popular person on facebook. Mitt romney and Obama have ads on the side of facebook running and Paul doesn't..This is dumb...

"Just because people dont"

"Just because people dont type in Ron Pauls name on facebook and like his page doesn't mean he's not the most popular person on facebook."

Clearly it does. Only people who go out and specifically search for the candidates on FB will like him. It's not like people who like American Idol, just because everyone knows what it is. Probably 50% of people on FB don't know who any of the GOP candidates are.

And your argument that ads on the side actually attract likes of pages is nonsense. Who actually looks at that stuff, much less clicks on it?

this may be a little bit of a

this may be a little bit of a bad news.. but paul does have a large number of international fans who wont be able to vote...(me included)

You can

help out in the super-brochure project or other expenditures that are not part of the official campaign, that is providing you've got any money to spare.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Moral support is very

Moral support is very valueable and counts for a lot. Thanks

Ron Paul will gain even more

Ron Paul will gain even more supporters if we all point out the positions taken by all of the other candidates on going to war with Iran. A vote for anyone of them is a vote for a new WAR! The stated position of Romney is more militarism around the world. Please read his Foreign Policy Doctrine.