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Boston Globe: Paul Rises in N.H. poll

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But as the race hurtles toward the Jan. 10 primary, Paul has been gaining the most in New Hampshire. His support has risen by 5 percentage points since November, while Huntsman has picked up 3 percentage points in the last month and Gingrich has gained 2.

The momentum for Paul raises the prospect that he, not Gingrich, could emerge as the strongest early challenger to Romney if the Texas congressman can hold on to his lead in Iowa and capture second place in New Hampshire.

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The whole thing:

Romney 39, -3
Paul 17 + 5

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Ron's Silhoutte on Drudge!

Someone take a snapshot of Ron's silhoutte on the Drudge Report before it's gone. Drudge's implication of the outcome of Iowa's caucus with Ron's image in black must be one of the greatest covers ever! Classic, Matt!

SO I have adjusted the poll to include the Margin of Error

Favoring Ron Paul for Second Place in New Hampshire:

Romney : 34.8
Ron Paul : 22.2
Gingrich : 20.2

I took 4.2 points from Romney and I also add one point to Ron from Gingrich as his momentum is falling and Ron is still raising slower now since the attacks but raising none the less.

I also say that a victory in Iowa = a boost of 8 - 10 percent in New Hampshire. Final results will show:

Ron Paul : 31.2
Romney : 30.8
Gingrich : 16.2

Ron Paul finishes 1st in Iowa and New Hampshire!

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Fox news: RP will not be the president

Just watched an ugly hit job on RP on Fox news where they repeated over and over and had it up on the screen in writing that Ron Paul will not be elected president. Disgusting. I hope people can see through this programming. Winning in the polls = winning.
Logged on to msn homepage, and not a mention of the frontrunner on the frontpage or the political page. Disgusting. I need a new default homepage.

7 days to hit it hard after the Iowa Caucus



We must lasso the 'Big Mo'.

Take a look at the 2008 New Hampshire results.


Look at the map on the right of these results. As it turns out, Romney didn't hold as much popularity then, and may not hold as much as we've been led by the media to believe.

When the Ron Paul Super Brochures do get sent out to New Hampshire, I do hope that they'll have a push in the counties that McCain won. That at least sounds like a good start, since those people weren't with Romney last time.

Merrimack County is where at least one of the GOP debates will be hosted, on Jan. 8th, in Concord, NH. That is just two days before the New Hampshire Primary.

Good research