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Newt you have some splainin to do - Why the love for anti-Catholic and Gay Hater Hagee?

Okay now that Newt is asking Ron Paul to explain himself, I have to ask you Newt, why all the meetings and good times with the gay hater and Catholic Hater Hagee?

Now this wasn't 20 years ago, not 10 years ago, not the primaries from 2007....wait for it....wait for it....it was THIS year!


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please explain the $300,000 Gingrich had to pay to settle ethics violations while in CONgress.....I notice this is completely ignored in the media.


Gingrich Pays Off Ethics Penalty

Wednesday, December 30, 1998; 1:36 p.m. EST

WASHINGTON — Speaker Newt Gingrich has completed payment of a $300,000 penalty imposed for violations of House rules, the ethics committee said Wednesday.

Gingrich, who also was reprimanded by the House two years ago, admitted he misled the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct and should have sought better legal advice before using tax-exempt organizations to advance his political goals.

The money was designed to reimburse the committee for extra investigative costs resulting from Gingrich's misleading statements.

Because Keynesian Zionism is

Because Keynesian Zionism is the core of their unity. It overcomes other ideological differences.

As much as I don't like Hagee

As much as I don't like Hagee you have to be careful trying to marginalize him for his positions on homosexuality and Roman Catholicism. The church has condemned sex outside of heterosexual marriage for only 2000 years or so, so in that he's perfectly within the mainstream of historical Christianity. And the Protestants think the Catholics are wrong just as the Catholics think the Protestants are wrong in their theology, with each condeming the other's beliefs. That's normal. When you make things like that an issue then you doing what liberals try to do when they fling the word "racist" around at anybody who they disgree with on any issue.

not the point

Who cares about what the church teaches and whos church anybody believes in.

Bottom line, when Hagee says stuff like Katrina hitting New Orleans was the result of Gays and Gods punishment, or that the Catholic Church is a Whore with stuff like that you can knock Newt out of the park.

Its no different than the Westboro Baptist Church going to funerals of dead American soldiers and saying that those soldiers died because America is Gaymerica.

Who cares? A lot of voters

Who cares? A lot of voters care. If you marginalize their beliefs then you risk losing their support. A lot of Dr. Paul's supporters are conservative Christians.

Who cares what Hagee or any other preacher says about gays or God's judgment? You may not like it but those are perfectly legitimate religious positions. And yea of course its different than the Westboro Baptists who go out and actively try and disrupt funerals. I would apply the libertarian non-aggression principle here. Words from a pulpit that don't incite violence are just words. When he calls for a violent crusade against gays or anyone else then you have a case.