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New High for Ron Paul, Gets 17.3% in National Poll!

New high for Ron Paul, gets 17.3% in national poll!

Romney 30.2%
Gingrich 24.8%
Paul 17.3%
Bachmann 9.7%
Perry 9.2%
Santorum 4.5%
Huntsman 4.4%

Paul also leads nationally in certain votes:

Paul 7.1%
Gingrich 5.7%
Romney 3.1%
Bachmann 1.6%
Santorum 1.1%
Perry 1.1%
Huntsman 0.8%
not certain yet 79.5%


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Ron Paul, Chuck Norris & Polling

Watch first:

Ron Paul version:

Ron Paul is surging. But a Ron Paul does not peak. Peaking would imply the possibility of limits.

Neal Boortz

No mention of Dr. Paul on the Mon. edition of the Boortz show (WSB Radio, Atlanta). It seemed very deliberate. He has betrayed his principles since he became part of the mainstream. He always seems to mention Mitt and Newt. If it weren't for the traffic and weather reports I'd turn him off.

boortz must feel lost and empty now

without his man chairman cain in the race, all he has left to do is to mimic what he hears limbaugh, hannity, and levin saying. boortz had an online poll a couple of months ago, and even though the poll was placed on boortz own site ( herman chain central ), dr. paul had twice as many votes as cain. i think boortz never recovered from that.


Tipping Point...

We're very close to the 18% tipping point (possibly already past it).

Lol why is 18% some arbitrary

Lol why is 18% some arbitrary number where we tip?

Definitely hit the tipping point about a week ago, since which time Ron Paul has gained more supporters faster than anyone else has in the race, with the exception of when they first enter.

ecorob's picture

17% is a lie!


nothing less, usually MORE!

don't believe the lies

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

I agree

I add +10 at least +5 to any poll I see, Remember the people who put out these polls do not want Ron Paul to win.

The numbers of the results

The numbers of the results don't matter anyway, it's the trends that matter. The trends are very clearly favoring Ron Paul. I love to analyze trends in statistics and polls, they tell you MUCH more than the numbers themselves.

amazing article pic!

(below) can we embed at the DP ... ?

Poll: Ron Paul has strongest emotional connection with Iowa voters

That's copyright

That's copyright infringement. We got to be careful about that. But I agree, it's a great pic : )

credit line

and how so would it be different if we had
the same credit line that Politico posted ... ?

Ron Paul has the strongest emotional connection
with Iowa voters. | AP Photo

I don't know for sure...

But I believe the courts ruled it was ok as long as you don't post a lot of the original article verbatim. As long as it's a brief synopsis and you provide the link to the original article.

Pictures are definitely out of the question.

Nystrom knows the details well as the DP was getting sued a while back.

I can't believe Bachmann is

I can't believe Bachmann is still getting basically 10%...

Neocons. People who straight

Neocons. People who straight up believe American-born people are the superior race and we should dominate the rest of the world into submission.

Awesome stuff.

Ron Paul is Bad ass.

End the FED . END the WARS . END the DRAMa.


Where Will They Go?

I'm very curious about which candidate will get the support of those people currently supporting Bachman, Santorum, Huntsman and Perry, once those candidates drop out sometime in January? I don't see many going for Romney. My guess is that 1/3 will go for Gingrich and 2/3 will go for our good man Ron.

This race has always been

This race has always been about finding an anti-Romney. Gingrich is going to drop down similar to the rest of them, because he, like the others, is not a real conservative and has most of the same things that are wrong with Romney. All the people divided amongst the other candidates are switching support furiously because they don't want to support the supposed frontrunner or a similar non-conservative, pro-establishment. When they all fall in line, I suspect it will be behind Paul.

The "Ceiling" is Looking a lot more like the Floor

But I don't want to jinx him. We are way behind and need to catch up. Phone Bank. Donate. Knock doors. Engage in internet debate. Whatever you can do, do.

Take NOTHING for granted.

“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.” William Pitt

I do not vote on emotion

but Ron Paul is the ONLY choice., from my point of view.

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

17.3 % national polling. making progress despite the attacks.

isn't that nearly double where we were just a month ago ??


The Ceiling....

just keeps getting higher....

Believe nothing the MSM tells you.


Looking good in the nationwide poll!


Interesting stuff in that link

Worth looking at

My Email To Drudge Report

Ron Paul ranks #2 on ‘emotional appeal’ in new nationwide poll.

Paul also ranks 1st in ‘voter certainty’ at 40.9%, compared to Romney at 10.3% and Gingrich at 23.0%

Romney still leads in votes at 30.2%, Gingrich 24.8% and Paul at 17.3%.
Paul has risen roughly 8% since Mid-December.

Raw APCO Poll results:


Politico Article -‘Emotionally, who’s winning?’:


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Well its obvious to me and

Well its obvious to me and all my buddies at Fox that this is a 3 person race between Romney, Gingrich and Bachmann.

Don't forget!

Don't forget Huntsman :-)

Absolutely !

absolutely, everyone knows that's the TOP TIER. i know this because i heard dick morris say so.


And we know we can trust

the word of a whore's toe-sucking ex-Clinton staffer.

Why do Republicans give this guy ANY attention or credence?



~Your perception becomes your reality~