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To the GOP Establishment: Insult Ron Paul Supporters at Your Own Risk

-A Letter of Warning to our Party "Leaders"


"Don’t tread on me.”

Recently, something’s been amiss in the Mainstream Media when discussing the topic of Ron Paul’s candidacy. As the Texas congressman’s support has surged to 15% nationally in the latest Washington Post poll, the Very Serious Republicans who write Very Serious Columns and give their opinions on Very Serious Shows have changed their tune. They aren’t as confident, as cocky, or as arrogant as they used to be when predicting the 2012 presidential election.
Now, they sound scared; they sound nervous; they sound shaken. But most importantly, they sound resolute that they, and not their audience, represent the opinions of mainstream America. They are wrong, and their gamble will be costly.

In the absence of facts to support the Establishment candidates, the media has turned to personal insults, childish mockery, and deliberate misinterpretation of Dr. Paul’s lessons. Their goal, quite shamefully, is to convince Ron Paul supporters that the candidate that they believe in has no chance of winning the nomination, let alone the general election. Here are some of this past week’s headlines from around the web:

“Huckabee slams Ron Paul, says he has ‘no chance’ to win Republican nomination”- The Hill
“Ron Paul can’t be allowed to win Iowa”- Daily Caller
“Why Ron Paul Can’t Win”- Wall Street Journal
“If Ron Paul wins Iowa, does that make the state irrelevant?”- Christian Science Monitor
I have written before that this type of overt pressure from our media to change your vote because “your candidate can’t win” constitutes a form of disenfranchisement. Despite Paul’s rise to the front of the pack in Iowa, the Media still ignores that his national support from Republicans has risen from 9% to 15% in a month (Washington Post/ABC poll 12/18/11). They refuse to report the fact that he only loses 49-44 in a hypothetical race against Obama, down from 52-42 just one month ago. They will never tell us that 21% of polled Americans chose to vote for Ron Paul as a third party candidate over the hypothetical choices of President Obama or Romney/Gingrich, and this last statistic leads me to my main point: if the GOP nominates anyone besides Ron Paul, Barack Obama will win the 2012 election.
Currently, Establishment Republicans are issuing an obvious warning to Paul’s base: vote for Romney, or the Democrats will win in November. Clearly, they hope this ominous bit of advice also reaches the millions of Americans who are still learning about Ron Paul’s views. Well, Dr. Paul’s supporters have a retort: we don’t give a damn.  
There are worse things than having a Democrat in the White House, and disenfranchisement is among them. We will not vote for whom we are told. We will not vote for a candidate who espouses a policy of preemptive war. We will not vote for the continuation of a flawed, costly, discriminatory drug war. We will not vote for the circumvention of the Constitution. We will not vote for a candidate (Romney) who has received just 10% of his campaign donations from actual people (from opensecrets.org). And we will not feel remorse for a Republican party that has abandoned us.
I am a registered Republican, but when I listen to my so-called party leaders, I become infuriated and visibly despondent. When did preemptive war become our national defense? When did the desire to police the world become so mainstream that we forgot that our nation was birthed from a repugnance to imperialism? When did we concede that the federal government has the right to regulate our lives to the point of quiet despotism? And most importantly, when did we become convinced that our votes and voices only matter if we support the perceived frontrunner?
As an advocate of liberty, I will vote on principle over party, every time. If the Republican party took the time to educate its members on the issues, rather than simply bullying them into submission, their party wouldn’t be so splintered right now, and perhaps Dr. Paul would have a unified force behind him heading into November. Instead, GOP leaders seem committed to promoting the status quo, to increasing their own power and influence, and to keeping the $upport of moneyed interests. If the GOP Establishment is successful in convincing Republicans to nominate Romney instead of Paul, and Paul does indeed run as an Independent, Obama will win with 45% of the vote, and the GOP will have no one to blame but themselves.

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After the debacle in Maine

I thought it would be good to bump this. Don't ever forget the disservice the GOP has done to us this campaign cycle.

Info's a little old, still factual though.


Just for anyone who hasn't read it. I found it motivating


sharkhearted's picture


WOW. This cuts like a knife. Will share with everyone I know.

DAMN articulate and true.


Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

For those who haven't seen this


If Paul did not become the

If Paul did not become the nominee, I don't know if most of us would stay home, write-him in, or vote third party, but I'm damn sure we would NOT vote for any of the other shills. Take that to the bank.

Now, this argument might play with local GOP folks, but the national GOP would prefer Obama (or anyone at all...anyone) to Paul, so they don't give a crap who we vote for as long as Paul's not on the ballot.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Here's the Herald link, go like it please!


Like and comment and maybe they'll let me keep writing Ron Paul pieces! Thanks!

I could care less about the slimey GOP

They've shown their true colors by openly stomping on Ron Paul as a candidate. How dare they do that to ANY candidate, yet alone someone who champions the US Constitution. What's up with that? It's one thing to favor someone else, but to be so outright boisterous of it like Huckabee. How the HELL does he KNOW that Ron Paul won't win the nomination. What arrogance in these thugs. If Ron doesn't win the nomination, there's that little party re-surfacing called the Libertarian, now getting some buzz because of Johnson. Could you imagine how the media would piss on the Libertarian effort if it was Ron Paul? If Ron Paul is not the nomination, I won't even vote, cause it won't matter.

alan laney

Your vote always matters

And so does your voice. Keep talking to people; the elections haven't even begun. Also, write Paul in in the general election if he's denied the nomination; that's the whole point of my article lol.


My article will be on miamiherald.com, and it will appear in print tomorrow! Thanks everyone for the great feedback, it helped convince the Herald to publish it.


Keep commenting and keep distributing!

It's pretty obvious that G.O.P. stands for "Get Out, Paul."

I already plan to work to recall every member of Congress who voted for NDAA, and I will also work tirelessly to continue to root out every RINO.



The article will be published in the Miami Herald!

Thanks to everyone who commented positively (all 90 or so of you!)! After seeing such a positive reaction, I sent it into the Miami Herald as an OpEd piece and they're publishing it! Everyone make sure to take your energy to the comment boards of every smear article on the Internet! The Media and the GOP are trying their damnedest to convince people that Dr. Paul isn't deserving of our votes, and it's up to us to post factual, intelligent comments on these smear articles so that others can be enlightened. As Congressman Paul says, once you become knowledgeable, you have a moral obligation to disseminate that knowledge.


And thank you.

Please let us know when it runs and, if it's online, please post the link.

Great work!

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

From The Ulsterman Report

This page is known for its White House Insider with dirt so juicy on Obama, the media won't report on it. But in this case, they are saying Ron Paul is actually A DEMOCRAT TOOL?!?!


A recent Rasmussen poll indicated the following regarding Paul’s strong showing in Iowa:

Paul has a wide lead among non-Republicans who are likely to participate in the caucus… just 51 percent of Paul supporters consider themselves Republicans.

And then there is THIS...

There is also the media now attacking Ron Paul as a Republican radical – not as a fringe candidate, but rather one being used to represent the mainstream of the Republican party. Double damage inflicted via the Ron Paul campaign.

One bit of evidence may provide a possible answer – President Barack Obama has said not one word against Ron Paul since the Republican primary race began.

Not one…

For The Power of The Republic!


...bumpity, boo!

“None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free.” – Goethe

Added this to Facebook page

Based on the discussion here, I assumed I was free to repost this message. So I did, at my Facebook page dealing with this same issue. (Colin, if you have problems with my posting, or the presentation, etc., please let me know).

Here's the letter as I posted it: https://www.facebook.com/MessageToGOP?sk=app_128953167177144

Here's the main tab for my page, FYI: https://www.facebook.com/MessageToGOP

- Steve

Looks good to me

Thanks for the support. Your page has a very similar message, keep up the fight.



I made one slight tweak. Got rid of the FB application's scroll bars so that people can see the whole message just by using their browser window's scroll bars. Looks a bit "cleaner" this way, I think.

The actual reason thePTB don't want Ron Paul is..........

His wanting to end the FED. Remember, the Fed is a private bank owne an operate by a han full of families globally. Shareholers incluing the Rothschilds (#1 shareholers), the Rockefellers, Harrimans, Shiffs, etc. The Fed is their money-pit and has been since 1913. It-s ALL about $$ and always has been. This will maintain their perpetual power.

Totally OT...

...sorry, but this just popped into my head, not worth it's own thread. Did anyone notice that the one guy on the TV show "Gold Rush" wears a "don't tread on me" yellow baseball cap? I thought that was pretty cool - guess gold miners are more awake than the average person.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Every outlet but Drudge

has the fix in. Sometimes I go to realclearpolicics and they usually have point and counterpoint articles headlined. For some *strange* reason they only have hit jobs on Dr. Paul, no positive counterbalancing pieces. Everywhere you go, the liberal blogs, the "conservative" blogs, and the MSM has the knives out -- sharpened. It's so blatantly obvious to anyone paying attention, and I don't consider myself paranoid. My fear is the masses will not get any "fair and balanced" covereage of Dr. Paul's positions.

They failed (so far) with the racist smears, but now he's being labeled a "conspiracy loon" and 9/11 truther unfit for the Presidency. And the drum beat marches on. The tReasonoids half-assed defenses of Paul are not enough. Does the campaign have any influence with well-respected libertarian writers or economists like Walter Williams or similar folks who could come out with some positive pieces on Paul?

Yep, and lately, they are

Yep, and lately, they are making the HUGE mistake of constantly smearing Ron's supporters. I have seen it numerous times this past week. They have called us many names. They are cutting off the branch they are sitting on..

I question your conclusion...

...that obama would win with 45% of the vote. With nearly a year to go to educate people I would not count out Ron Paul so easily as his anti-war pro-freedom and prosperity platform matches up very well against obama and romney.

You criticize the media for writing him off. Dont do it yourself!

We don't have a year. 7 days. 2 months, tops

What year? 7 days until Iowa, 2 months until Super Tuesday! We better be working at full tilt right now. I would not pin my hopes on 3rd party. Our best opportunity is now.

Just going by the Washington Post poll

Which has it at 44-30-21 for Obama, Romney, and Paul as an Independent. I agree with you, but the main point of the article is that the GOP doesn't know what they're doing, and they're losing the election for themselves by insulting the intelligence of Paul supporters.


Forgive my former English teacherness:

Anent the line "circumnavigation of the Constitution."

It works fine as a metaphor, but I'm wondering if "circumvention" isn't the term you were looking for?

Overall, excellent job: superb in form and content.

"Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love." - MLK -

Circumvention works too

But circumnavigate means "to go or maneuver around," so I think it works. It's just the word that popped into my head at the time of writing. Thanks though!

"I like Ron Paul, but..."

"I'm afraid of letting brown people have bombs"

"if everyone smokes pot, who will get anything done?"

"what will I tell my grandkids if two gay guys get married in Seattle?"

"who wants to carry gold coins around in their pocket?"

"there might be terrorists under my bed"

Yadda, yadda...

For those who voted this down

Im pretty sure he's being satirical lol. It's basically outlining what a lot of Americans have been urged to believe (with a little hyperbole).