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Fox talking about Paul vs. Obama

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We used to call this

We used to call this Communist propaganda. I don't now what you would call it now, Nazi propaganda, New World Order propaganda.....

The truth is RON PAUL is the ONLY candidate who can defeat Obama. The others GOP candidates are hated outside the Republican Party.

RON PAUL in 2012!

That guy in the red shirt, shaking Dr.Paul's hand right after

the chart looks familiar. :) No way that could be the guy from The Walking Dead.


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oh yeah,

Sorry I am slow to post. I am constantly doing research.

"in spite of his views RP is

"in spite of his views RP is soaring in the polls"

HaHa! Ja, sure! In spite of....

The Media

They know they are going to have to give in soon and be more objective. People have always known there is bias in the media. MSNBC was for "liberals", and fox is for "conservatives." But now, you hear the same bile from all the networks. They more they hate on Paul, the more its raising red flag in the minds of the people. Can you say paradigm shift?

After being treated so poorly by Republican establishment

After being treated so poorly by Republican establishment types, what self-respecting small government voter will obediently vote for a Big Government apologist the Republican elites force on us?

Nominate a pandering, intrusive Big Government politician, and we stay home. You get four more years of ever increasing socialism, poverty, and war, while we pray that we will ever see another true, small government politician in our lifetime.

Don't Vote For Ron Paul for anything less than
Re[love]ution & Renaissance

SCREW THE MEDIA money bomb...

... We should have a "SCREW THE MEDIA" money bomb" on Dec. 31 - the funds would boost Paul's 4th quarter numbers and send a direct message to the media - just $500,000 to a million dollars on the day would be fine. It will give us an opportunity to once again tell the media what we think of the quality of their reporting. Paul's Iowa win (not "if") will result in a surge of donations. I vote for a "SCREW THE MEDIA" money bomb on Dec. 31.


Ford O'Connell what a fake! Somebody should tell him that if he really wants to screw up the GOP nominee's chances (assuming not Ron Paul) he must continue spreading these lies about Paul and his supporters.

They said that Paul had not really given a clear explanation about the letters. Please, Dr. Paul, just tell the nation you were negligent in reviewing the contents of these letter. Besides you are not into censorship. Accordingly, you have asked God's forgiveness - worked for Newt, didn't it?

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Regular Brainwash, as usual.

Regular Brainwash, as usual.

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Lather, rinse, repeat.

If so, then I am not

If so, then I am not clicking--even though I would like to hear them compare Ron to Obama once, does not sound like their ratings should increase over it..

Funny how they didn't show

Funny how they didn't show the "Paul vs. Obama" numbers... only the Gingrich and Romney numbers vs. Obama.