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Warning to Iowa WatchtheVote2012.com

Iowa poll watchers need to go to www.watchthevote2012.com to get expert advice on the GOP's plans to 'rig the vote' and how to prevent it. This comes from a 'vote fraud' expert, who was involved in Buchanan's '96 campaign, and who knows how the game is played. It is essential to have all the advice possible to garner a Ron Paul VICTORY!

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I'm in from Oklahoma, as needed.

I'm on the conference call right now. Iowans are needed to monitor the vote and anyone with a computer is needed to receive photos of the caucus results.



Conference Call Schedule

Conference Call Number: 641-715-3200 -- Pin: 1064662#
Next scheduled Call: Monday Night, Dec 26, 2012 -- at 9 PM, 10 PM, 11 PM, midnight, 1 Am and 2 AM -- EST.

96 people can be on any one call. If we fill up, we'll get a larger system for the rest of the week. Please spread the above vidoes which are also on youtube and make them viral -- and use twitter, text, facebook, phone, and word of mouth.

Anyone who can, please call the conference call.