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CBS Evening News shows poll w/ Paul in 1st. 2 min. later "Paul may NOT be frontrunner"


It was a mixed bag here. CBS gave Paul pretty decent coverage at the beginning, and even showed him at #1 in a poll, whereas the last poll they did a TV report on Paul won 3rd place but they completely blacked him out of coverage.They went on to say Paul supports eliminating all foreign aid and wars, but when it came time to focus, they said "his stand on the Middle East includes no more aid for Israel and not even much moral support" followed by a clip of Paul saying there should be no automatic commitment of the U.S. to send money and troops to Israel. CBS, since when are automatic commitments to any country a good idea? Why focus on Israel when Paul doesn't want to give special favors to ANY country? Why not mention that aid to Israel comes from the forced taxation and redistribution of American wealth to a country with socialized healthcare and taxpayer funded abortions? Why not mention that this Marxist redistribution of wealth is procured through the 2nd plank of the Communist Manifesto (income tax) and the 5th plank of the Communist Manifesto (a central bank, the Fed, that prints money out of thin air)? Then CBS went on to cover the newsletters. I don't like all the coverage the newsletters these stupid newsletters are getting all over the media, but at least CBS had the decency to show Paul's response that he didn't write them. The thing that annoyed me the most is when the reporter said Paul may NOT be the frontrunner even after they showed a poll of Ron as the frontrunner. But they got one thing right - Paul is clearly a factor. Until December 2011, CBS NEVER even mentioned Ron Paul. He is indeed a factor b/c he's getting so much support that networks like CBS have been forced to acknowledge his existence and even do a feature story of him on the Evening News.