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+ Dear Jesse Benton +

As Dr. Paul knows better than anybody, unique views rock the boat. Even the less nefarious opponents of Ron's Constitutional philosophy, made dizzy by new ideas, push back with extreme examples, perhaps because Paul's ideas shake their own, long-held world views. The virtues of private sector medicine get whacked by extreme questions like 'so we should turn away a dying 25 year old from the emergency room?" Ending the federal war on drugs becomes "so you would make heroin legal?"

The marketing of the Doc's PLANS is upon you now, and let me suggest one tactic to rebuke extreme examples, which can be created for his other positions of course:

Yes, Ron Paul is the only candidate serious about deficit reduction, about making real cuts to federal government spending. He details how he would slice $1 trillion per year beginning in 2014. The cuts dwarf his opponents. "So Dr. Paul, do you really believe now is the time for your Draconian cuts to the federal budget, many cuts of which would take services away from the poorest and neediest Americans?"

After Ron retorts with his good stuff about overseas cuts first, why not ask him to continue with this: "You know, in 1999 we were approaching the end of the Clinton presidency and the end of the century and federal spending was $1.7 trillion. This was not a time known for widespread poverty or joblessness, in fact we were running a government surplus. If we continued at that pace of spending the next 15 years, adjusted for price inflation, the 1999 Federal Government would spend $2.4 trillion in 2014. But no, we spent $3.6 trillion this year, and project $4 trillion for 2014. I bring spending down to $2.7 trillion in 2014, a full 10% BIGGER than the government was in 1999. What is Draconian, what is severe, what is unbelievable, has been the growth of government since 1999, and frankly, I'm the only one who is truly trying to stop these excesses that are absolutely ruining the chances of our children and grandchildren to have a good standard of living!"

All these numbers by the way are backed up on easy to find websites like BLS, and usgovernmentspending.com.