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Newt on Video - We need to SUBSIDIZE Solar, Wind and BioFuels!

Here is a video form 2007 and Newt has went off the green end.


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Bill Clinton was on CSPAN...

...in November saying exactly the same thing as Newt.

Paying people to work in these industries is the same as bailing out GM.

Subsidizing these "jobs" would require the spending of money we don't have. It means huge new debt. And America doesn't need "jobs." We need government to get out of the way so private individuals can create wealth. Government cannot create wealth. Only the free market - without government policies that push capital overseas and inhibit the creation of new businesses - can create wealth.

The fact that Newt and Bill are saying the same thing proves Newt is a neocon globalist. Why do Tea Party people, people who say they want smaller government, support him? I don't get it.

“None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free.” – Goethe

Because many (not all) of the Tea Party leaders are GOP shills

Just get this video stuff to these tea party members and that will change their thinking about Newt.