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A Real Life Story Against the Regulation and Research of Drugs

With both my uncle and grandmother suffering from brain damage due to accident and dementia respectively, this story has me really curious. Regardless of that, it's an awesome miracle for this guy and shows just how much the regulation and illegality of drugs and compounds of God's creation (not govt's) has an adverse affect on society.

Please disregard the foreign language. The video is of an Australian man who had 8 strokes and is a vegetable except for a sleep medicine that was found to jump Start his brain for one hour a day.

Also disregard the provocative pictures at the top. Not sure what kind of website it is but the video is worth your while.


I saw this story on CNBC Rock Center with Brian Mathews and searched for this video. I can't find the CNBC one yet (12/26). This one is 3 times more informative anyway.

Hope you enjoy as I did.

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