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Why the establishment really fears Ron Paul - Article by Jack Hunter

"As Ron Paul has risen in the polls, so has the frequency of attacks against him. “Any stick will do to beat a dog” goes the old saying, and the whacks against Paul range from reasonable to ridiculous. Expect the attacks to continue. Expect them to get more ridiculous."

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/12/27/why-the-establishment-real...

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Great response to MSN

See great picture at the top of the page.


They really fear him because...

They really fear him because the casino days would be OVER, for the government and corporations, and America would eventually be a better place for it.

Let's cut to the chase, In

Let's cut to the chase, In the South Carolina Republican debate, Romney and Gingrich both made it very clear they will attack Iran to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon if all else fails. Since the neocons are convinced Iran is building a nuclear weapon, a vote for either Romney or Gingrich is a vote for war.The mere suspicion of a nuclear weapons program is proof enough for them. Like Iraq, Iran cannot prove what they do not have.

AWESOME article

Pretty much sums up why Establishment/Fox News attack dogs have been released on Ron Paul.


That Herman Cain had never heard of neoconservatism until his interview with Gregory is a testament to the neoconservatives’ success.

Bush gets elected using the "humble foreign policy" mantra...September 11, 2001 happens...paradigm shift in foreign policy thinking...strangely spreads into areas that have nothing to do with September 11, 2001...nobody notices the shift to neocon methodolgy because nobody dares question anything done in connection with September 11, 2001...death and destruction for ten(+)years...diabolilcal.

Great article though I think Ron Paul's anti-fed stance has them outraged as well. Foreign policy - "we get them before they get us" - is easier for the average American to grasp.

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Go Jack.

Go Jack.

The DC needs a couple truth

The DC needs a couple truth tellers like Jack on their site.

He does it again

The Southern Avenger aims, fires and scores a bullseye for liberty.

For The Power of The Republic!

Good article again by Hunter

Good article again by Hunter

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Good summary of neocons


Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!