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NEW VIDEO: Choose Stigma. Rebel. (Vote Ron Paul)

I made a new video, if you like it then please vote up this thread. I intend to make more with the aim of making them shareable and philosophically challenging towards non-RP supporters.


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I really like this

new, creative approach you took. 'Haven't seen anything like it.

Stigmatization is a big issue. TPTB stigmatize whatever they don't want people to learn about. If you have questions about 9-11, for example, you are stigmatized. If you have questions about chemtrails, HAARP, the CIA's drug dealing history, or other issues, you are a Truther, conspiracy theorist, tin-foil hatter, nut-job.

I'd rather be any of those things than a Truster. That's the one thing I would like to stigmatized...blind trust.


While I don't personally subscribe to the inside-job of 9/11, I do think asking questions is very healthy and a worthwhile debate. Authoritarians would have you believe that questioning them is rebellious & unpatriotic, perhaps the #1 sign of a God complex?

It's very much like Jr. High

Remember? When you absolutely *had* to have the (jeans) (shoes) (notebook) (pet rock) (whatever) that everyone else had in order to fit in and be accepted, else you would JUST DIE?

An independent stance apart from any widely-held, currently-accepted mode of thinking or behaving provokes the self-directied query: "If I'm not part of the group, then...who am I??"

A frightening question for many people, indeed. Just ask any of the millions of armchair athletes who live for a team they could never in their wildest dreams qualify to play on. Or, you know, ask voters who can't be bothered to actually take on personal responsibility for their votes.

Bump for the well-made vid. Good work.

Oops, you got the wrong high schooler

I had a small group of tight-knit friends in high school, and I couldn't care less what anyone else thought of me.

I've always been a rebel, never cared about stigmas...I just wanted to know the truth and act freely on it.

*Nicest thing I ever said about myself*

;) LOL!

Great video wes_h

Big Bump!

“I have joined your revolution and I’m proud to be part of what you want to do.” - Ron Paul

Choose Stigma. Rebel

Choose the Status Quo or Challenge!
Many people view the Republican "party" in such negative light that even a candidate like Ron Paul gets thrown under the bus. SAME for views of the democratic party.
By putting up this great video you demonstrate that both these parties can be one in the same.
It is an INDIVIDUAL like Ron Paul that will stand up alone among republicans and democrats and promote our individual freedom. This country is over run by elite cronyism, special interest (at our expense) and REAL CHANGE is needed NOW. Thank you for an exceptional video!!!


Wonderful job.


Loved it. Not only made the point clearly but like the video "imagine" I think yours has an emotional resonance that sticks in your head even after you're done watching. Hope it gets around!


Since it's not popping up in the Top Recent Topics module, is it too bold to ask for some front page love? :) :) :)

Very professional

Great message too !

Very good.

Very good.



***** !


Very well done.

I like it. :) You would get an A in my video production class.

haha! Thanks!

I'd LOVE to take a class and learn more techniques. Do y'all use After Effects or is it a straight film/video production class?


It's getting some pretty good comments, so I thought I'd give it a bump, I think y'all will like it.