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CNN Desperation - Looks Like Youtube Really Did Freeze the Viewcount This Time

Those who have followed the media reaction to the Gloria Borger CNN interview were happy to see that when the full interview was released, the response was overwhelmingly in favor of Dr. Paul & many were disgusted at CNN. Drudge picked up the Daily Mail piece on the full interview release & it started to go viral. Even in the foreign media, almost all of the comments were positive for Dr. Paul & critical of CNN.

It appears that CNN was so upset about getting another black-eye over their pathetic journalism being exposed yet again that they had Youtube freeze the viewcount as damage control. The viewcount has been frozen at 242,758 for over 24 hrs as many have by now noticed.

Given the positive response this interview gets (probably because it shows he is above the partisan circus in Washington, he speaks honestly about the Iraq War & our corrupt foreign policy, as well as our sold-out government--& it's pretty obvious the interview was a setup), I think it's a good one to keep sharing.

Apart from that, I'd love to stick it to CNN (& the rest of the dishonest media), & make this go even more viral so we can continue to expose their dishonesty & smears. Many have rightly pointed out Gloria Borger's ties to the military industrial complex & the Israel lobby, & many know Wolf Blitzer was a former AIPAC lobbyist (perhaps the most corrupt lobby in the US), which explains all the demogoguery about Iran--& the subsequent smears since that doesn't have the desired effect.



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Check it out

If you hit the "Show Video Statistics" button above the 242k "count", the graph clearly shows the number of views being above 500k.


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

I used to be dumber than dirt

before i joined Daily Paul.
Now I'm like... like ... like topsoil!

I learn something new everyday

The interview is still at 242,758 views! What a JOKE!

This really ticks me off. This is clearly no glitch. They froze it because it exposes CNN's smear campaign.

Add the Cut One

You should add the cut one to this post, and then everyone should send both of them around. It is more interesting that way.

It just seems strange

to conduct the whole interview standing up. In the future Ron Paul should refuse to do any interview with these mainstream media hacks unless it is BROADCAST LIVE.