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Ron Paul is not a racist, written by an Asian American

Have you ever had a person look right through you, making you feel worthless because of the color of your skin? Have you ever felt a person’s hatred pierce your soul because of your facial features? Have you just felt trapped in a situation where you could not do anything because of the way you look? Well, I have. These are the feelings that manifest inside of me when I am face to face with a racist.

Growing up as a female, Vietnamese American, I have first hand experienced the torment of discrimination. Even though I am an American citizen, some Americans do not believe I should have the same rights as they do because I am Asian.

When the racial allegations against Presidential candidate Ron Paul emerged, I did not pay attention to them. I knew they were merely smear tactics in attempt to topple his rise. However, as people began debating me about the matter, it started to upset me. I thought to myself: “How could anyone think that Ron Paul is racist? He is the most genuine man I have ever met. He treats everyone with kindness and respect.”

My thoughts are derived from my personal interactions with Dr. Paul. I have met Ron Paul multiple times. Each encounter, he has graciously taken the time to talk to me, take pictures with me, and sign all my books. Dr. Paul has showed me nothing but respect. I never felt in any way discriminated against. In fact, I think he was quite appreciative that a young Asian girl was supporting him. He treated me as an equal even though I am Asian and in my early twenties.

Congressman Paul exuded friendliness and warmth to everyone he met. He was willing to listen to everybody and answer any questions that were asked. I truly believe that Ron Paul appreciates people of all colors, genders, sexual orientations, social statuses, and educational backgrounds. He sees us as Americans and as equals. He fights for our liberties against the institutions that deprive us of our natural rights; the very same institutions that call him racist.

If Ron Paul were a racist, would countless people from various minorities group take the time out to defend him? Would he be gathering so much support from people all over the nation? Would I consider Ron Paul my hero, as I do now? No, for Ron Paul is not a racist, but a man of integrity.

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Thanks Phuong

I'm with you, anyone who listens to Ron knows, he is a kind and gentle soul. He has more compassion for humanity in his pinky, then 98% of our politicians put together. I say 98% because their are others out there that care about us.

I once read a billboard that said "98% of all lawyers ruin it for the rest." It's ironic that 98% of our politicians were lawyers, including our current president.

If Ron Paul is a racist, he's

If Ron Paul is a racist, he's the worst racist ever. He would definitely need a "Racism for Dummies" book or something to learn how to properly act like a racist.

Very sweet

I too have experienced racism, as a Haole growing up in Hawai'i, where every Friday is "Kill Haole Day", in the South, where resentment of past politics have enbittered people, and in Mexico, where I was refused service because I was "American".

Your article is very sweet and lovely. I enjoyed reading it and hope you write more and post it here.



it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

thank you . . .

for your words of support for the color blind among *us*--

my heart aches as I think of the prejudice you have experienced--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Nicely written.... I hope u post this on liberal web sites!

Not only is he NOT racists, it helps to REMIND liberals and conservatives even more so, what really is racism in politics.

In politics, racism always takes this form: ADVOCATING LEGAL racial discrimination. You can count Hitler, Gov George Wallace, the KKK, and many others in this category. But notice, Ron Paul is 100% against LEGAL Discrimination. If Ron Paul was a racist, is he against LEGAL discrimination? Racists LOVE Legal discrimination. Ron Paul is 100% against LEGAL discrimination.

Little else matters in the world of politics. Indeed, we can line up President Obama and Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich and Michelle Bachman and Rick Santorum and Ron Paul. It is ONLY Ron Paul who is 100% AGAINST Legal discrimination. The others, including Pres Obama, are for racial quotas and affirmative action, today's racism and LEGAL DISCRIMINATION.


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Thank you for your unique POV, Phuong Thach!

"Have you ever had a person look right through you, making you feel worthless because of the color of your skin? Have you ever felt a person’s hatred pierce your soul because of your facial features? Have you just felt trapped in a situation where you could not do anything because of the way you look?"

Um girl, have you noticed how adorably H-O-T you look in the mirror? Who are these blind people?? .o)

Glad to have you! Sorry you had to go through that. But, it toughened you I'll bet.

Though, I'm afraid that these new "cyber-bullying laws" in name of curving "hate-speech," will in fact eradicate the next generation of comics! You know Dave Chappelle, Eddie Murphy, and Chris Rock HAD to be horribly ridiculed in youth. LOL

"These are the feelings that manifest inside of me when I am face to face with a racist."

Perhaps it's the nature of the internet age, but it seems Americans have lost the ability to "read" people.

Frankly, for the life of me, while I 'get' that it obviously happens, but fundamentally it is still an infinite source of bewilderment that people exercise their douche-bag radar everyday of the week, with almost everyone they meet. Yet somehow their a-hole radar goes out the window, with of all people: politicians!

To some extent I can understand how people get 'star struck' with actors/celebrities/media ne'er do wells. But politicians? When everyone almost universally agree worldwide that they're the scum of the earth?

Americans on the most part feel free to yammer on about almost everything, except when it comes to politics. Such cognitive dissonance.

While I 'get' that politics is always personal as it's partially an embodiment of one's personal worldview and by proxy, whomever they support is the manifestation of that said worldview, in a person or themselves as represented in another, still, how the hell can anyone not tell upon looking at a scumbag like Nut Grinch that he just reeks of a-holeness? Or Bachmann a vapid murderous loon not to mention a fake-Christian, or Frothy a de facto American Taliban/murderous loon, or Wrongney a principle-less slick bankster type you wouldn't want to be caught dead next to?

Would voters ever seriously in a million yrs befriend these RINOs in their personal lives, other than for perhaps sheer mercenary reasons? And, even if so, it's not like as a POTUS they'll directly benefit Joe Schmo who delusionally voted for a RINO in Iowa, unless you're a millionaire/billionaire donor who actually pays-for-play expecting something explicit in return.

If these politicians were at all someone that anyone would want to aspire to be, I'd get it. But they're literally like the ultimate embodiment of everyone's worst personal Freudian ID.

So what gives? Humans, I 'get' them, but truly I don't get 'em.

For me, the primary reason why I support Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul is because his principally consistent, completely publicly verifiable 40yrs of public record, 24 of which are a matter of Congressional record committed to immutable fealty to his Oath to defend the Constitution, and that a man who has exemplified walking the talk all his life that there is a living example of a man who proved to the world that one can be a "good man" and still make it in the world. That one can be honorable, while walking amongst a cesspool of evil vile men.

I think your own personal encounter is what awaits any future detractors. WHEN people actually meet the Doc and 'gauge' him, they 'get' it: he's honest to a fault.

Plus, Dr. Paul has got to be one of the most archived politicians in modern times. IF he actually were as these propagandists claim him to be, there is NO WAY in hell that a person who leads a 'double life' as a 'racist' would not have committed at least multiple Freudian slips, or something akin to a "macaca" moment. Zero chance.

I'll bet some neocons even know deep down that there's a high chance that if they worked in the last four pres.administrations and wrote/designed/promoted legal rationale for murder/torture/illegal wars, that they may be brought up on Nuremberg 2.0 charges.

So, since they got nothing on him, this is all they got against the most honest politician (an oxymoron if there ever were one) this country has ever seen. Because their very livelihoods are threatened by Dr. Paul's presidency.

More than likely, we're observing the life of the kind of a man that truly only comes along once in a life time.

While these RINO bozos will become less than a foot fungus on footnotes of history, no matter what happens, Dr. Paul will be remembered as the single most responsible person for inspiring millions of youth of a new generation to pick up the banner of liberty and kick start the American Revolution 2.0.

For that, he'll forever be my Gray Champion!

Perhaps a matter of semantics. But for me personally, I've always loved the term "champion" over "hero." To me, a champion fights for a cause greater than himself and for others. A hero is meant to be worshiped for simply accomplishing a personal cause that other people may look upon to emulate, or aspire to. But, a champion, does it selflessly, and directly on behalf of others.

Okay enough with man-crushing on our favorite Septuagenarian!

Thanks again for sharing your unique view, PT!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

it would help if we can get this onto huffpost and elsewhere

i've been bashing heads over the newsletter issue.. but some positive response might be the right way to go, something i often lack the patience for

Do you know how I would get

Do you know how I would get it on Huffpost?

all i have there is an account with not much posting privilege

i've seen some bloggers there who are rp supporters.. maybe they can do something about it.. sorry to say but i haven't spent much time in liberal circles

Hi Phuong, my Wife is from

Hi Phuong, my Wife is from Vietnam and she's the reason why I switched back to the republican party from the Libertarian party ( I will switch right back too after the election )

I lived in Vietnam full time between 2000 and 2003. Saigon ( it will always be Saigon ) Vungtau, Phan Thiet and then we lived on the side of a mountain on an island in southeastrn Thailand for a year before engaging in the immigration process and coming to the USA.

Cam on! for your writing this beautiful endorsement of this great man.

Tom and Hanh in SW Fla.

P.S. we're going to make a page/press release from your post and help you get indexed on the internet. I have also added your letter to Destination Vietnam, a yahoo group I've had for 10 years.

Here's a link to the page where your letter will appear and we are experts at search engines so I'll betcha you will be indexed in the new few weeks on google:

and Destination Vietnam:

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine, Godfather of the American Revolution

You would have to post under an existing thread.

I don' think they let anyone just start a thread unless you are one of their bloggers.

I have always known liberty would bring everyone together. I think many liberals have their heart in the right place not wanting people to be racist or prejudice. The problem is how do you combat it? Most people don't like to be forced to do things. If you use force to try to make two people get along they will almost certainly not get along and be combative. But if you leave them alone they may be friends or they may not associate with each other at all. But as long as no force is involved they will usually not be combative.

Also there is a big difference between acceptance, prohibition, and tolerance. It seems liberals want acceptance. They want to force people to accept things they find morally offensive. It seems conservatives want to forcefully prohibit people from doing things they find offensive. All liberty asks for is tolerance, letting other people do what they want as long as they don't harm you.