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SBS Australia Ron Paul Hit Piece

SBS frequently takes segments from ABC (USA) to show some of the news in America. This time, it was on the presidential candidates. After covering some of the new campaign ads, it went to Ron Paul and said something like 'Ron Paul is gaining steam but he may run into trouble with newsletters that contained racist content' and then it went to post the quote of '95% of blacks are either semi-criminal or entirely criminal'. Then it showed a clip of Ron Paul saying he didn't write them and he disavows them.

Why am i so incredibly annoyed?

For many Australians who don't pay attention to US politics but watch SBS, this is the first impression they have gained from Paul because this is the first news piece of him by SBS and it doesn't paint the good doctor in good light. Given that they referred to him as 'the Texas congressman', they may as well have had George Bush there and let people assume he is a war-mongering, racist southerner.

So annoyed that our news media is just as bias and dumb as yours.

Given that this was the first piece, they could have mentioned something about his stances like, oh ummmmm, let's say his anti-war, anti-drug war, anti-foreign aid, anti-Patriot Act, anti-empire, anti-bailout views? Nahhh, let's just say he's a racist and finish there.

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Might have something to do with

the fact we just moved troops into their country. Might save money on national defense for them, and someone who will remove them would not be good. Just an educated guess based on our usual "follow the money" principle.

Being an American expat in

Being an American expat in Australia for over ten years I'd say its more likely SBS simply reflects the unthinking acceptance of an all pervasive nanny state the permeates this country. Therefore, just as in the US, anyone who threatens massive state control must be opposed by whatever means they believe will be most effective..


I like your analysis

And honestly, the idea of personal responsibility is becoming something as a statement that creates confrontation in a state where its citizens see so many functions of society fulfilled by the government and not the individual and community.

No tinfoil hat needed...

To see that this was a pretty blatant attempt by the propaganda wing (the SBS is funded by the Aus Gov., meaning the tax-payers, which is EVERYONE thanks to the GST) of the socialist nanny-state to discredit the biggest threat to their ability to kiss-ass. Ron would'nt start any ridiclous wars that they can join in order to gain favoritism like good little lap-dogs.