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Mark Hopp Gives Liberty a Lift in Alamance Co. NC.

An FYI, for Liberty Supporters. Mark Hopp, a Ron Paul activist in NC, has announced he will be running for Alamance County Commissioner in 2012. Mark works tirelessly for the liberty movement week in and week out. Please show your support for Mark Hopp by liking his facebook page and contribute a 5 spot if you can.

Mark has been very active, as well, in the campaign to elect Glen Bradley in the NC Legislature and has a proven record on Liberty matters as an active member of the RLC of NC. Show Mark some Love.

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Mark Hopp for Alamance County Commissioner

I know of very few others who have worked as hard as Mark has to spread the message of freedom and liberty in NC and he has earned a donation from me.

Mark Hopp website

Please join me and support a great Constitutional, Liberty candidate. Mark Hopp has volunteered and supported Rep. Glen Bradley. Mark spends his weekends planting Ron Paul signs or going statewide for Ron Paul sign waves.

Please visit his website or forum thread and give him thumbs up!



Freedom Mom

Glen Bradley for Vice Chairman http://glenbradley.net/