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Boston Herald: Ron Paul Among Top Choices for Undecided N.H. Family


PORTSMOUTH N.H. — Undecided New Hampshire voters Deborah and Ken Smith said Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul is on their list of top three GOP Oval Office hopefuls, in yet another sign of the Texas congressman’s growing Granite State popularity.

“He would make good -decisions under pressure,” said Deborah Bouchard-Smith, who narrowed her top three to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, former U.S. Speaker Newt Gingrich and Paul.

The Herald is following the undecided Smith family in a running feature called Kitchen Politics as they help pick a Republican nominee in the Granite State’s Jan. 10 first-in-the nation primary. Bouchard-Smith’s husband, Ken, also has narrowed his list down to former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, Romney and Paul.

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When they showed the debate

on tv, I loved the wife's excitement when they announced the doc. Then, the son was talking about how stupid the wars and money spent overseas is. The discussions they are highlighting seem useful to me.

Boston Herald has done some

interesting articles on Ron Paul.


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Someone needs to get a few

Someone needs to get a few videos into this guy's head. Does he have a brochure? I hope he decides on Ron..SOMEONE in NH needs to get to this family! lol

Posted this several hours ago.

Nobody interested. I thought it showed people in NH are interested in Dr. Paul and he may do better than expected.

Thanks for posting.

You woke up too early

LOL. Don't feel bad it happens to everyone. Just be glad you're part of getting the word out there.

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Exactly my feelings...

Ron Paul's name is becoming a household item in New Hamp...