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Mike Church show hijacked by neocon weasel!

Just got off work and instead of my usual Mike Church to stimulate my brain, one of those neocon weasels were on slamming Ron Paul! The station identified it as the Mike Church show, and the screener answered the same. I'm going to cancel all of my subscriptions and go back to an ipod knock-off

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Don't over react..

Mike probably took the day off for Christmas.


Took a week off. My problem being that instead of finding a suitable replacement, they left his name up and filled the hole with a weasel with opposing views who was all-out slamming Dr. Paul. I don't see how it's overreacting to vote with my dollar and cancel my subscription x3?

I guess it depends on how

I guess it depends on how much you like Mike Church. If you cancel how are you going to listen to Mike Church when he's not on vacation?


It's going to suck,doing without lithium.