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'Primary School' by Joshua Franklin - a nice Ron Paul Piece

Manchester, New Hampshire -- "Are you guys volunteers or paid staffers?" I naïvely ask two Gingrich supporters I'd been talking to at Newt's New Hampshire HQ in Manchester. "I'm the state director for New Hampshire," one of them tells me. That such a prominent politico in a presidential campaign would take the time to speak to a student writing for an obscure online British newspaper (albeit one with an impressive name, Erudition) was one of several great surprises I experienced during a brief visit to the Granite State.

As a British student living in England, I had previously only been able to enjoy the race for the Republican nomination in front of a computer screen in the UK. So when I went to New Hampshire last week I was naturally excited to experience first-hand America's famed retail politics. But I was still in for a shock -- or rather, a number of shocks:

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