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Great Interview With Two Ron Paul Supporters From Iowa!

This video is excellent!

The first interview is the strong voice of an Army and Iraq War Veteran who eloquently makes the case for Ron Paul's Foreign Policy. Can Dick Morris stand Toe-to-Toe with this Soldier and tell him that "NO TRUE PATRIOT COULD BE FOR RON PAUL?" I'd like to see it!

The second interview is with a woman who expressed concerns that many average Americans will have with Ron Paul, but as long as all of us can articulate the message that only through freedom that we can make a healthy and prosperous world! Just look at the actions of Dr. Paul as a Physician, a man who would never accept Medicaid and treat those in need for free.

More projects and info. Enjoy!


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Real People for Ron Paul

I'd like to see this exact same "man on the street" interview style -- with a twist.

There are too many political analysts and so called "professional" journalists who paint Ron Paul supporters in broad strokes as crazy and wrong minded. I mean, it's okay for them to have an opinion, but if we don't agree with them, does that makes us nutjobs?

I'd love to show a veteran like this reel off his service record and then have the interviewer ask, "Newt Gingrich says anyone who supports Ron Paul isn't a patriot, how do you respond to that?"

Then go down the list - interview a senior citizen and say that "so and so says Ron Paul supporters are all young potheads. What do you say to that?"

Then a Ron Paul supporter who happens to be a minority, "So and so says Ron Paul supporters are all racists, what's your take on that opinion?"

Show a "salt of the earth" farmer then "So and so says Ron Paul supporters are crazy nutjob conspiracy theorists..."

Show an economist or PhD person and then "So and so says Ron Paul supporters are ignorant and have only a superficial grasp of the issues."

And so on...gay supporters could be interviewed, Jewish supporters, etc.

Use actual, real quotes from establishment types who have been bashing Ron Paul, juxtaposed with the reality - that the message of freedom resonates whatever your age, race, religion, ethnic background, or sexual orientation.

It would be neat if the people being interviewed knew they were being asked about Ron Paul, but didn't know the actual question ahead of time -- there could be some really interesting candid responses. If that didn't work it could always be redone or edited but it would be a good experiment to get that initital reaction, I would think.

Maybe then the lamestream media will get the idea that we can't be labeled and dismissed so easily. I mean, how do they counter that?

Regardless, I liked this video a lot - any kind of "real people" testimonials are great!

Go Aaron!



To hear the young man speak absolutely inspired me. It is up to them to take the stand to protect the future of our nation!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

I like how he was way quicker

I like how he was way quicker on the 3rd Ron Paul book. Maybe he should run against Rick Perry. LOL.

Charles Ballard

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When I

saw that dude's t-shirt "Veterans for Ron Paul"...I had to have one!
I encourage all VETS on DP to get one from the Campaign website!

BTW, I used to get dirty looks from people when I wore my RP stuff. As soon as I added my Military Unit Pin (1st Cav) right next to my RP 2012 pin - I don't get those looks anymore - now mostly just smiles : )

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

Also a Vet...

I just bought one over the weekend!

Wow no more mega bankers!!

That was good -Ron should pound that home in NH.

I still think an ad with the troops would nail the coffin shut

Government is supposed to protect our freedom, our property, our privacy, not invade it. Ron Paul 2007

Excellent video!

Excellent video!

Undecided Voters

need to see these - and other similar testimonials

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Yes; Rev. PAC Ground Forces -- great job


This really is great. It

This really is great. It addresses two things that people are very concerned about. Nice interviews!


I don't fault anyone for having questions. In fact, it's only because many of us questioned our government that brought us to Dr. Paul in the first place! I hope it can work for many more Americans.

Indeed and I also want more

Indeed and I also want more clarity on the transition from big government to small government. I understand that it's impossible to give a deffinate answer though.

Glad you liked the questions

I think it's important to address peoples concerns. Just ask them, what issues they are unsure of...listen, let them speak.

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