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Bill Bennett Morning in America Asking for Military Paul Supporters to Call In. Will Take Calls at Least Into Wednesday's Show.

# to call the show at 866-680-6464 for anyone interested.

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Why would anybody respond to

Why would anybody respond to Bennet? He's a blowhard Paul hater and total tool of the corruption wing of government.

Please be careful what you put in your ear.

These betrayers like Hannity, OReilly and Bennett can't do much damage if they are denied access.

Isn't today Tuesday?

Looks like they stopped taking calls anyway.

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Yes, thank you, it IS

Yes, thank you, it IS Tuesday (I edited/corrected now). (Guess that's why I'm not in the military.)

Can someone record it?

I'll try to call in.


They just stopped taking calls on that subject. They told me to call in tomorrow. I'll try again.

Two men called in after I

Two men called in after I posted this and were given time to speak--Bennett handled them better than Spammity would have.

Not sure if anyone called in earlier.

Both men stated their/our case very well and Bennett didn't counter them. Bennett's follow up though was unfortunate. He said that he wanted to know why the support was coming from the military but that he was against a Paul candidacy. I expected to hear the foreign policy excuse but instead he cited "ugly things" i.e. newsletter stuff and said that Paul would be like electing a DAVID DUKE!!!

So even though I was going to thank Bennett for giving air time to the Paul callers, his closing statement may stop my hand.

Bennett is a signatory on Project for the New American Century's

"Statement of Principles." More like, "Statement of Lack of Principles." These are the people who started our aggressive foreign policy.


Yes the been attacking him for a good Hr.

It's so sickening to listen to him and the following Radio Hosts on the Patriot/Salem Network. Just bashing away a true conservative.

I wonder who owns the Salem Broadcasting Network? www.salem.cc

Please all Military please call into the show this whole week and give one up for Dr. Paul... Call all other Radio Hosts as well.


Who owns Salem?

Who owns Salem? Christo-Zionazis with an Israel fetish.


Sorry to hear that. I served as a Naval Officer for 6 years, so I have a good deal of experience, especially with Iran.

He has talking points, we have ours. I'll try to be civil.

This was my youtube video on the subject. I'm much better on the phone than on video.