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URGENT Read the Watch the Vote 2012 Web Page

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FROM THE WEB SITE http://www.watchthevote2012.com/

"FOR more in depth knowledge of the crookedness, and other realities about the Iowa Caucus over the years, go here: www.votefraud.org/Iowa2012.htm --

Please note: The Bachmann and Santorum campaigns have probably never had any of these thoughts cross their mind. But, in articles at the above webpage linked immediately above -- you will find that the paid operatives of the Ron Paul Campaign have been obstructing efforts to monitor the vote in Iowa, and trying to discourage many of YOU, you who are the grassroots Ron Paul Supporters, from cooperating with a simple, independent "vote monitoring" effort like this one.

THIS IS NOT A CHARGE AGAINST RON PAUL OR SENATOR RAND PAUL, both of whom have called for sensible vote monitoring when the issue has been raised in their presence.

DON'T LET ANYONE DISCOURAGE YOU FROM MAKING A SIMPLE CALL, TEXT, OR Facebook POSTING of the actual vote count you eye-witness at your local caucus gathering."

From the web site http://www.votefraud.org/Iowa2012.htm

Monitoring the Jan 3, 2012 Iowa Caucus & the Jan 10, 2012 New Hampshire Primary
The RHINOS and NeoCons who run the Iowa State GOP Leadership Have a Long History of Dishonesty and Election Rigging in the Iowa Straw Poll and the Iowa Caucus when a "candidate of the people" like Pat Buchanan or Ron Paul is in the race - see the article "A House Without Doors" linked below - about Exactly How Buchanan was Cheated in 1996. Ron Paul is in danger of being rigged out of the Iowa Caucus victory in 2012. The Iowans at the local gatherings do everything above board and honest. The problem begins after the local people call in the results to the Iowa State GOP. This Page Tells Ron Paul Supporters how to prevent this. We fear Drew Ivers and the Iowa RP Campaign are doing nothing about this -- just as they did nothing to monitor the vote in 2008, despite adequate warning then, as this year. As you will see, the Iowa State GOP and the Big Media will do anything to prevent Ron Paul from coming in 1st in the Iowa Caucus - if they can get away with it. NH has its own problems, but the vote in NH can be monitored also. See below.

To RP Supporters: Drew Ivers Still Head of Iowa RP Paid Staff -- Will He Monitor the Vote?
Dec 10, 2011

This email emphasizes that Drew Ivers was informed by myself and others in December 2007 WHY the Iowa Caucus vote needed to be monitored, and how to do it to prevent Election rigging by the Iowa State GOP, and why it must be publicly announced in advance (one a count is announced over the Big TV Networks, any attempts to challenge it will be branded as "sour grapes" if such an effort is announced far and wide to the public in advance.

Indications of Saboteurs in the Ron Paul Paid Staff of 2008
- by Jim Condit Jr. (issued November 2007)

This above linked article, posted by someone else on Daily Paul, got more responses in 48 hours than anything else posted on Daily Paul in the 2007-2008 campaign, about 248 responses if memory serves. After 48 hours it was taken down, probably due to pressure from its target: the top players in the 2008 Ron Paul Paid Staff.

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