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"Something big coming?" *and* When's REVPac running ad defending Paul against racism?

FIRST: This article says little "birdies" in the RP campaign are hinting at a big announcement. What's the big news coming up?? Any ideas?


SECOND: When's the RevolutionPAC ad coming to defend Paul against racism slander this week?

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POTUS sirius XM

There was a caller on there that was defending Ron Paul, stating that how can he be a racist, when all one has to do is do a youtube search and see all of the African Americans supporting Ron Paul regardless of the newsletters. Of course the host disavowed any notion that going to youtube and seeing these videos is nothing and will only hurt Paul, I think the host was being a little racist because he basically was saying that there is no way a black person would support Ron Paul. Anyway, thought the host didn't support research. He would rather destroy Paul than allow truth to get out. The show is called Stand Up!

I agree that it will be Gary

I agree that it will be Gary Johnson's endorsement.

Sarah Palin will endorse him after Iowa, if she does it.
I do hope so.

No real clue on the first item and on the second . . .

I hope that the answer is "Never!"

Any response will likely be a serious mistake which gives the smear folks more opportunities to keep on smearing. No matter what is said or done, they will question it and attack it and just keep dragging Ron Paul through the mud.

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I'm inclined to agree with

I'm inclined to agree with you on the second point.

Article dated 12/21. Didn't

Article dated 12/21.

Didn't we "decide" that the news was really the new ad(s)? Not trying to be a PITA, just remembering back to an earlier post on the same subject.

If not, I can't wait to hear what it is!

When is the announcement

When is the announcement coming? today?

I guess it's good that they waited until after the christmas season was done so people would be paying attention.

Gary Johnson would be huge

but so would Sarah Palin.

My crazy idea is

Gary Johnson drops, decides not to run as a Libertarian and endorses Ron Paul

I'm pretty sure Johnson already endorses Paul on his frontpage

Almost positive.

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

on Johnson's page, the coalition support is impressive.

Poker alone is huge.

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

Hmmm perhaps this is it...

At your suggestion I checked his website and found 2 interesting thins...

First is a note at the bottom of this page that says "Support Gary Johnson. Support Ron Paul."


The second here is a link about a major announcement coming tomorrow. Perhaps there is an endorsement coming?


Well Well

Now that might makes sense. The only reason Johnson would ask for an endorsement for both him and Paul would be if he was running as his VP.

Think about it. Johnson holding a news conference and Dr Pauls campaign about to make an announcement. This could very well be it.

and right before Iowa primary. Whats Johnson polling in Iowa?

I'm confused

If Johnson drops out as a Republican and runs Libertarian why would he ask that people endorse Ron Paul if he is still running?

makes no sense, unless he means.....

Oh wait, what if Johnson drops out and is Dr Pauls pick for VP.

Now that would be something

Wouldn't surprise me. He

Wouldn't surprise me. He endorsed Ron Paul in '08.

I can foresee a Sarah Palin endorsement as well, but I doubt it will happen this early in the game. She's had some positive things to say about Ron Paul, even on foreign policy.

In thinking about this more,

In thinking about this more, a Gary Johnson endorsement could actually be huge for the Paul campaign - it could be what pushes him over the edge to first place in New Hampshire. Johnson has been campaigning almost exclusively in NH for months, right? Could you imagine what first place in Iowa and in New Hampshire would do?

Not a crazy idea

If he really truly cared about this country he would know that this would be the best thing for my Grandchildren.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Loving the pro-Paul comments

Loving the pro-Paul comments on there. One guy writes a freaking dissertation about Dr Paul. Great stuff.

I have to return some videotapes...

I hope this is true...

I commented previously that I was hoping the campaign had an "ace" up their sleeve. Not only did they know the attacks were coming but they knew exactly what was going to be said and how. I think the Paul campaign has purposefully waited for the establishment to show their cards and were careful not to overplay their hand. They were waiting to make a big splash after the establishment used their silver bullet.

Im hoping that the big announcement is not directly related to the newsletters as I think the attack did not hurt as much as the establishment thought. And with the RevPAC ad coming this week, I thinki t will be diffused even more. Perhaps it is some serious endorsements that they have kept quiet until the right time? Who knows? Whatever it is I hope that it is positive, completely shatters the "unelectable" mantra that the MSM has tagged him with, and is big enough that they will NOT be able to ignore it and sweep it under the rug.

I have never had so much fun in politics before. Ron Paul 2012!