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Hosting company GoDaddy losses 70.000 sites after support anti piracy plan.

Also Wikipeda shall leave! GoDaddy voiced it support for the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). SOPA makes it possible to block web users without a judge ruling.

People are taking action!


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Thank you for the heads up!

I just organized my GoDaddy account to transfer my domains on Dec.29th for the great 'Domain Transfer Day' in an effort to influence GoDaddy to publicly denounce SOPA.

Also, here is my letter to GoDaddy:

Dear GoDaddy,

I have been a long-time domain buyer at GoDaddy, purchasing nearly 1,000 domains through various accounts over the past 6 years using your services.

I recently learned about your company supporting the new Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) legislation moving through the US Congress. I see GoDaddy's support of such 'nuclear' legislation completely outside the boundaries of my continued willingness to do business with you.

Unless you choose to publicly denounce the SOPA legislation in the next two days, I will be transfering my domains (from several GoDaddy accounts) to a new registrar on Dec.29th. Additionally, you will lose me as a customer forever and I am actively encouraging my friends and business contacts to make Dec.29th 'Transfer Day' against GoDaddy.com.

In Liberty,

Greg H.


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