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MoneyBomb? Why now? My hypothesis.

Originally the campaign had said 3-4 million, but I think things have changed - and it's only partially due to the increased attacks.

I think we're looking at a very short race - either Dr. Paul wins it all quickly, or loses quickly. I don't see this race going on for months on end anymore. The chance that we see a Romney/Paul race battling it out for several months is slim.

I think this is why the campaign wants funds now - to make the best go of it, either way it turns out.

With Gingrich surely on the way out after Iowa, Romney is going to have a massive lead going into New Hampshire.

I'd say spread the word to as many people as you can, because this might be one of the last money bombs we'll get - regardless of how well we do.

I think that the media's strategy really was to make Paul less appealing to Romney, and with Gingrich going out, the mainstream media is hoping that people will vote for Romney despite their dislike for him. That is what they've been working up to for weeks - to make Ron less appealing to Romney to the average voter. Really, think about all of their actions up until now - it makes sense.

The campaign won't tell you this, but we should probably give a money bomb the campaign will never forget. This could be one of the last ones - so let's be on the winning side of it.

If Dr. Paul can win both Iowa and New Hampshire, we won. It's over. There's no way for the media to spin this, and Romney has no chance of recovering. Nobody would.

But if a lot of candidates drop out after Iowa, including Gingrich, this whole race changes - and we are in deep shit. That is why Dr. Paul wants the money. That has to be the real reason.

While our goal should be to win New Hampshire, Dr. Paul needs as much money as possible to approach a tie there if everyone drops out. This means if Romney wins New Hampshire, he can't win it by 10 or more points. If Romney wins 65-35, Dr. Paul is toast. We can't let this happen.

The sad thing is, Huntsman is probably going to stay in the race after Iowa - and whether he realizes it or not, he's going to eat up a lot of Dr. Paul's transitional support since there supporters have *some* overlap when it comes to foreign policy (however slight an overlap that is, it is the truth).

I think it's fair to say that if Romney, Dr. Paul and Huntsman were the only 3 candidates left in the race after Iowa, Dr. Paul probably loses unless we give him enough money to be competitive there. Even then, it may not be enough after Gingrich drops out, but we have to try.

So this is it ladies and gentleman. The moment of truth is now.

Before you vote this post down, consider the truth in it first.

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Whether ron gains traction at first or not

I do not see him simply dropping out due to the msm saying his polling is low. I do however see ALL THE OTHER candidates getting out if the above happens to THEM though.

Ron Paul is odds are going to be here until next year and I will still happily donate to him all the way through.

Why would you think Ron would quit when this is his last run, his last time as a congressman etc?

I see him going the distance whether the msm says he has 20% or they say he has 2% and I hope he stays the entire time.

He WILL be the Republican Nominee so I don't know what everyone is freaking out about lol.

Ron Paul for the win!

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Let me be a bit more clear.

Let me be a bit more clear. Ron may not quit, but his chances of winning will be 0% in the Republican party if Romney blows him out in New Hampshire after everyone drops out in Iowa. You can count on this. The campaign would be finished. Whether they officially quit or not is kind of irrelevant.

Need to keep the pressure on

I don't know but I know Dr Paul needs to keep the pressure on in all of the early states. I was at my In-laws in Iowa for the last four days for Christmas and all I saw on the TV during almost every commercial break was Rick Perry, Rick Perry and Rick Perry. Every so often I would see a 30 second Romney spot but for the most part, it was all Perry. I did not see one Ron Paul spot in 4 days? On a positive note; the only yard signs I saw in the Cedar Rapids area were for Ron Paul.

I think you may be confused about the new process

I'll refer you to an earlier post : http://www.dailypaul.com/188681/the-long-road-ahead

While each primary/caucus is important as is the momentum of a top finish in one, this race is far from a short one. I'd say they want more money to get that early momentum which is very important.

If anything it would only be a quick end for Paul, but that's only if we give up. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a quick win for him. If he wins both, that's when the media will point out just how much more there is to go and continue the attacks.

I agree we need to donate as much as possible now because without this early momentum the campaign may die, but it would be very far from over even if RP somehow takes both Iowa and NH.

I disagree. I think other

I disagree. I think other states will fall in line if we win both the first states. It always happens. The voting rules would be irrelevant.

So you agree

So you agree that the momentum is important like I do. The difference is you think momentum is everything. Do you really think that the MSM is just going to give it to RP just because he has the momentum? On the reverse side, do you really think all of us will give up if Paul doesn't do as well as we hoped in January and someone else has the momentum?

This race will be far from over after January, but like I said momentum is very important and we need to donate all we can now. We obviously want to start on top; we just also need to be ready for a long, hard-fought race.

Back to the reason for the money push: I also agree with IMissLiberty's comment. The campaign did the same thing at the end of September for Q3.

If Ron wins both Iowa and New

If Ron wins both Iowa and New Hampshire, there would be nothing the media could do about it. No person who has won Iowa and New Hampshire has lost the nomination in either party. I guess there's always a first time, but there has been many candidates not favoured by the media who won both states and the media couldn't do anything about it.

So yeah, momentum is basically everything here.

Why do you think the media has put out everything they can muster against Dr. Paul already? After this newsletter thing and the foreign policy stuff, what do they really have left? I'm sure they'll come up with something, but to be honest, this was the best stuff they had.

If the media attacks don't work, and Ron wins Iowa and New Hampshire, the race is over. Ron wins.

End of Quarter Push

The quarterly reports are due as of December 31st.

They will be reported in January, and it's critical to, once again, show fundraising success.

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Remember, Obama loss NH and still won the

Democratic nomination. I don't thinly its over at all. If we win Iowa, come In at a decent second, I think we'll do quite well.

This is totally different.

This is totally different. The media loved Obama. It is not at all an accurate comparison. They are going to spin Romney winning New Hampshire in such a way that is going to make it look like Romney won the nomination.

Mark my words, if we don't win it or come neck-in-neck, the media is going to kill the whole nomination process.

I agree with some of what you said

but I don't agree that it's not going to go long. With the new rules apportioning delegates it's not nearly as important to win as it is to do well, and they're hoping that Paul's grass roots won't be able to finance a campaign long term. They might be shooting themselves in the foot here. It's true that Ron Paul won't get the winner-take-all in Iowa that he would have gotten under the old rules, but it's also true that he can get delegates in New Hampshire now even if he loses, and that's also true in other races as well.

It's not about delegates.

It's not about delegates. This is about spin and momentum (which is just partly spin).

Mark my words - if we don't almost get 1st or get 1st in New Hampshire, the campaign is either finished, or will have a massive challenge to overcome.

Given an almost tie in New Hampshire, we could look at a very long race... but what are the odds of a very close race in New Hampshire? 3%?

Honestly, we need to win it outright. The campaign knows this. Nobody has ever lost the nomination after winning the first 2 states.

Meh. Maybe. But the status

Meh. Maybe. But the status quo play calls and candidates have been so schizophrenic that it's hard to tell what will happen. They (GOP ringleaders and media) are pulling this out of their arse as we speak.

Obviously the media doesn't

Obviously the media doesn't exactly know which candidates will come out on top throughout this process - they only know that all of them except for one is "their candidate". I'm sure the establishment had different plans of attack Gingrich didn't implode as attacks were launched his way for example... or if Bachmann really did surge and held it, etc.

The point is, Romney is at the heart of their strategy now. They have been banking everything on Romney at this point. What other candidate do they choose now? Huntsman? Santorum? Doubtful. Romney is their man.

The media has been framing this for some time now, even when Gingrich was at the end of his surge and before the polls showed that Gingrich was in trouble. This is more obvious to people actually watching TV and not just watching piecemeal videos online.

The danger Romney presents to us is very real. We have to deal with it. And to do that, the campaign needs money.

Watch out for Huntsman. This

Watch out for Huntsman. This will be a longer race than after NH.

I have been saying huntsman

I have been saying huntsman was a big problem in NH... I just was hoping the, "live free or die" state could wake up in time to see the only way we are going to change this country is thru Ron Paul... I quess it's kinda Ironic that it will all come down to them and at this point they are looking to end that very matto for the whole country...! :-(

Please wake up NH...!


Please keep bumped. I think anyone participating in the MB should see this.