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Ron Paul: Party Wrecker - The GOP's History of Non-Interventionism Finds a Champion

This poorly-headlined piece is actually quite good, in terms of putting the GOP's history of non-interventionism into context. I disagree with the author's repetition of the standard anti-Paul memes ("he won't win" and "he's an isolationist") but overall, a much better article than the headline would indicate.

Ron Paul: Party Wrecker - The Daily Beast

Given this history, it’s entirely predictable that in the wake of two disillusioning wars, a diminishing al Qaeda threat and mounting debt, someone like Ron Paul would come along. In Washington, Republican elites are enmeshed in a defense-industrial complex with a commercial interest in America’s global military footprint. But listen to Bill O’Reilly or Rush Limbaugh and see how often you hear them demanding that America keep fighting in Afghanistan, or even attack Iran. According to a November CBS News poll, as many Republicans said the U.S. should decrease its troop presence in Afghanistan as said America should increase it or keep it the same. In the same survey, only 22 percent of Republicans called Iran’s nuclear program “a threat that requires military action now” compared to more than fifty percent who said it “can be contained with diplomacy.” Almost three-quarters of Republicans said the U.S. should not try to change dictatorships to democracies.


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