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How to Best Respond to the Attacks on Ron Paul...

I have been reading the attacks on Ron Paul - racist, isolationist, and so on. I have been responding on all the sites I see that attack him. I have a lot of company by devoted Ron Paul fans but notice that most of us sound very defensive (including me).

Remember, these attacks are a distraction from the important issues, the ones that scare the neocons, the bankers, the Fed, and the other power masters. Like NDAA, SOPA, the Fed, the Patriot Act and more.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan (late Senator from NY) said these distractions are "boob bait for the bubbas." Stalin called his stooges "useful idiots." So on the premise that the best defense is an offense, here are my thoughts on how to best respond.

****Yawn, ho-hum, old news. Mention Moynihan and Stalin. Mention NDAA and SOPA, et al. Mention the boiling frog analogy. Mention the hypocrisy of Bill Clinton's defense of Robert Byrd (KKK) and the media's defense of Clinton's rape/sexual assault charges (actually the media's defense of any democrat/liberal). Any mention of hypocrisy is good. Any mention that Ron Paul supporters are not easily distracted from the real issues and care more about this country and it's serious issues than in some old, unsubstantiated charges.****

Everyone's thoughts are welcome, and please add your own rebuttals to these charges. We are numerous - and smart enough - to rise above these attacks and deflate them. Or at least make them seem what they are: frivolous and irrelevant.